But What Do You Want To Do?

This is the question that I find myself asking myself more and more.  There can be a million and one things that I want to do in one day but that can’t be possible.  There can also be a thousand things I think I want to do but don’t really.  This weekend was no exception and I think that I might even be influencing my friends and boyfriend into this way of thinking…or maybe they are influencing me.  Either way I think it is vital to my well being to ask myself this question continually, either to save myself from exhaustion and dillemmas or tap into my inner desires versus obligations.  One tough challenge presents my most indecisive self.

This weekend the boy still said he wanted to go somewhere on Friday night at 7pm.  I could sense he was feeling obligated to do so and I knew I would not be into THAT spontaneous of a trip.  Not happening.  So instead we took it easy, recouped, recovered, reconnected.  That was what we both needed and wanted.  Nothing too thrilling occurred but we still had a great time.  Friday night we checked out Lucky Diner in Belltown, complements to Restaurant.com.  We had a great meal, I chose the Flying Hawaiian dinner with subs of sweet potato fries and steamed greens that they most graciously took.  Every component was delicious and I cleaned the plate.  We settled into Man On a Ledge complements of Red Box and ate fudgsicles like we were 15.

I’d eat this again at the Lucky Diner in Belltown!!

Saturday I finally got to let my breakfast cooking skills shine with delicious (they really were I have to say) denver omelets and sweet in-season Rainier cherries.  We bought the boy a tennis racquet and balls at Play It Again Sports and then headed north to Arlington to buy myself a fishing rod and reel, bait, and setup and popped a squat at the nearest pond to catch some trout or bass.  No luck.  We then tested our skill at Green Lake and even though we saw with our very own eyes HUGE fish jump we had no catches.  Bummer.  We headed to Santa Fe Cafe in Green Lake for some New Mexico chilies.  I tried the Green Chili Stew on what was  a chilly, cloudy day.  It was okay.  It had heat and flavor but hardly any beef and the homemade flour tortillas I thought were way too thick and somewhat flavorless.  Not my favorite Mexican restaurant in Seattle, but then I might just prefer the Baja or Sonoran Mexican food over New Mexican food.  We next snuck into the Clarion Inn Lodge for hot tubbing and wine drinking.  Wait, did I just confess that?  Yup, I did, that was us.  Before settling into my third movie night in a row to watch The Grey (boo bad movie and I like Leam Neeson).

This green chili stew was lacking in my opinion.

Sunday was a gorgeous day, thank God.  My scooter got towed to go to the shop.  I went to a great yoga class and for a walk.  Then we had a great cookout and double header of Mad Men.  I got some fabulous premade and seasoned burgers that I spotted at QFC.  I got a variety of bacon cheddar, bacon jack, black and blue, and turkey spinach and feta to have the boys grill up.  Philipp brought over a potato salad and with a huge juicy watermelon, beer, and root beer floats at intermission we were a big happy group.

Burger night for Mad Men was a hit. Potato salad by Philipp. Burgers, watermelon, and root beer floats by me.

The weather looks great for the week ahead.  I have plenty of fun and relaxation scheduled into my week and I am still feeling into my work for the next upcoming deadline.


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