A Spring in My Step

By George, I think we done got us a spring here. Hopefully it is here to stay…well, I guess it could go away for a week and then come back 🙂

This weekend was a beauty. Couldn’t but manage much to stay at work on Friday. At home this weekend was mainly where I wanted to be. To enjoy the first great weather from the luxury of my own view, my own entertainment, and my own space and privacy with both roommates out of town. I spent countless hours in the warm sun on my glorious deck reading, talking on the phone, and really just staring at the city and Mt. Rainier. The mountains were crystal clear this weekend without a cloud blurring their view. I also spent maybe an hour or two in my garden and the transformation is just fun and exciting. But I am also a little sore from it I think. I planted beets and green onions in the second bed that I had cleaned out. I moved many of the lillies (I think) from their scattered whereabouts in the lawn to around the one tree we have there. I weeded around some of the other plants pulling up what I found to be wild but out of control mint plants. I have our entire lawn and outdoor waste bin filled to the brim.

Spring in Queen Anne means cherry blossoms in full bloom!!!

I biked to the cute Queen Anne library, to Trader Joes, and Safeway. I chatted up with Amy on the said porch with jazz music streaming from the record player. I started the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy and watched very little tv.

On Sunday I promised Bryan my full time. We walked from my house to All Saints to enjoy a GREAT Easter Sunday church service with Marika and David (who also both enjoyed the service thoroughly). Bryan and I then went to get a sandwich at a local deli called Homegrown and I enjoyed my Reuben Revisited delicious sandwich and dill pickle in a little two-seat patio table in the sun marvelling at the amazingness of what is the top of Queen Anne hill. The flowers, the families, the activity on a glorious spring day. Seattle has to be one of the best places anywhere when the weather is good. We walked back home before getting so many things accomplished relatively stress-free. We moved my grill finally from my old place, we got him new jeans and swim trunks from American Eagle, we napped at the Pike Place riverfront park, I scored a FREE nightstand off Craigslist and then we drove all the way over to West Seattle to get another great deal on new classy dining room table and chairs. Bryan says I am the best at getting deals. The chairs are super elegant and I love them. They don’t match the table exactly but the table is what I was looking for; two leaves to extend it to 80 some odd inches and comfortably seat all of my guests for my large dinners. We amazingly got everything to fit in the Jeep and I still do not know how.

Love this deli shop with three locations in the city and one veryyyy close to me now. I tried their Reuben Revisited : hot pastrami, red wine 'kraut, beechers flagship cheese + mostarda, toasted on Macrina Bakery whole grain roll. Bryan in his tried and true fashion got the turkey, bacon, avocado and that was also really delicious.

We made it to Amy’s house for Easter dinner only 15 minutes, after driving back from West Seattle, picking up my folding chairs and wine and bread from QFC. Amy served up a very delicious Easter dinner for the 12 of us. She had spiral cut honey ham, her noteworthy macaroni and cheese, a strawberry balsamic and pecan salad, orange glazed carrots, bread, and we had wine and champagne cocktails to quench an army. She also served up her french vanilla cake with buttercream vanilla frosting, sugared strawberries and vanilla ice cream. She gave all her guests a milk chocolate bunnie and had hard boiled eggs to dye but we all forgot. Conversation was plenty because this is such a good group and Mad Men was delayed till after Cabo.

Honey spiral ham for Easter is where it's at...and with 11 friends!

My first full day at the Sound Transit office went relatively smooth sailing, it is still in the mid-60s which means I ate lunch outside and am looking to get to my deck ASAP and I have Cabo to look forward to in only three days time.

My new dining table and chairs...with one leaf inserted.


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