Voracious Tasting

I have to devote a post to this event that I went to last night because it was just so awesome. The event was hosted by Seattle Weekly and was called Voracious Tasting. It was held in the super glamorous Paramount Theater downtown Seattle and was comprised of at least 30 restaurants and food trucks of the best of the best in Seattle. It was basically a Seattle Food Awards event showcasing the area’s best restaurants. There was also a live jazz band, as much beer and wine you wanted to drink (and of course the cocktails handed out by the mixologists which were basically straight shots) and other freebies. I got to go…for FREE!!

The crowds from above!

Let’s see…well of course I loved the jazz music creating a nice ambiance and scored the bands CD. I sampled a multitude of items. I have come to realize that Seattle loves their pork and seafood…and good news for me, I do too! I tried an excellent pork tamale, pork belly, pork cornmeal fritters with tasso, proscutto, pork stew, jerk chicken, coconut cornbread, creamy nettle soup with poached salmon, sake steamed salmon, tuna tostada, duck confit crostini, mackeral mousse crostini, sriracha sauteed prawns, housemade venison sausage, sushi, amazing and huge falafels, corn grits with hedgehog mushrooms, fried chicken pops, pork and leek steamed dumplings, falling off the bone lamb ribs, and kahlua braised pork on kimchi fried rice.

Then there was the desserts floor. I tried a few espresso shots (it’s Seattle!) along with a marshmallow meringue cupcake, chocolate truffles, cardamom custard with strawberry coulis and a nitrogen basil meringue (yum!), chocolate triple threat ice cream, salted ganache with hazelnut brittle ice cream, waffle, kettle popcorn, and two types of donuts. I stuck to one glass of Tempranillo and didn’t try any of the housemade cocktails but I heard good things.

One of the many vendors handing out samples.

The event was so much fun, I am so happy that I got to go to this sold out event, and I got to quickly sample a lot of the really good restaurants of Seattle that I have yet to make it to. I also got to bring home a bag of Ethiopian coffee beans, kettlecorn, and fresh homemade pasta. I am one lucky girl. Was asleep in 5 minutes flat from a full tummy.

My friend’s review here.


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