What Happens in the Baja…

The vacation to the Baja was so amazing. It was so needed. It was so relaxing. It was also growth for my relationship. Thursday morning we left for the Baja not really knowing what to expect but sleep deprived and needing time away from the city, work, and the rain and most definitely time together. After a good long flight, a warning of bring fresh fruit through customs, and a hairy conversation at the Thrifty rental car booth we were on our way. We headed out for Cerritos Beach, about a 45 minute drive north from Cabo San Lucas and 1.5 hour drive from the airport. We stopped first for the most interesting and eclectic place on the trip at a place located 1 miled down the road from our resort called Art and Beer. Located on the highway and owned by a couple of artists and musicians the place was indescribable. Art and a long patio and boardwalk to take in the art and scenery was at the spot. Gazebos with table held the diners and a tower to overlook the sea could be scaled. The menu was simple: ceviche tostadas…and they were fresh, large portions, and pleasantly cheap. We were told that one plate was more than enough for two. We each got our first Mexican beers, enjoyed the sunset and a meal that included a chips and homemade salsa appetizer, delicious vegetable soups, three tostadas of a heaping pile of clam ceviche, a mixed seafood ceviche, and mermaids tail (a fish?) ceviche, and then finished off a dessert plate of fresh fruit with a dousing of housemade kahlua and irish cream. We paid and were sent off with two unasked for open Solo cups of more Pacifico beer.

Upon arrival at Cerritos Surf Colony we were told that they did not have my reservation. I pulled up my confirmation on their computer and turned our two bedroom private villa into a $550/night rate private suite up in their sister palace facility called the Hacienda. We still spent one giddy-filled night at the two bedroom private villa. After a breakfast at the colonies poolside bar/restaraunt and a quick poolside sunning we were ready to enter our new palace. Our room was amazing. Sky high ceilings, a huge sitting room, bathroom with tub and open shower, large bedroom with king bed, fireplace, tv, and domed ceiling, and private access to our own hot tub and infinity pool and hammock. Breathtaking views of the coast and cliffs. The Cerritos beach was so private and exclusive we really felt like we owned the place. The Hacienda also had two full shared kitchens to use, lots of sitting rooms, a tower with secret entrance for even better views, and it’s own pool, bar, and many more hot tubs. Friday night we went into Todos Santos for the first time for authentic Baja dinner at Miguel’s known for the best chile rellenos in town. That’s what Bryan ordered, I got the carne asada in Colorado sauce, each had strong margaritas, and the best order of homemade chips and guacamole I ever had.

Saturday we baked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and dined on those and fresh melon overlooking the water at the Hacienda. We then went boogie boarding, warmed up, went to Todos Santos to buy a 5lb red snapper directly from the local fisherman for a whopping $7 and then headed back to the surf colony for a great Grammy award winning blues band (from Detroit) to play and test the locally brewed amber ales by the surf colony pool. SO MUCH FUN and SUCH GOOD MUSIC! We went back to our palace to grill the snapper along with a bunch of vegetables and got a glass of wine from the bartender before finding the best table to enjoy the sunset.

Sunday started like the rest but Bryan soon injured himself boogie boarding. What is now known to be a pulled shoulder tendon and separation was a bit of a damper on the trip. We took in easy Sunday, only leaving the resort to find the world’s best tacos at Barajas Tacos in Todos Santos. Four fish tacos, two carnitas tacos, massive servings from the fresh salsa bar, and two pops later we left with a $10 bill and bellies so full and satisfied. We continued taking it easy with watching the Help (again for me) and calling it an early night.

Monday was travel day to Cabo San Lucas. By this time Bryan’s shoulder was really hurting him. We packed up and checked out and then headed back to Barajas for the very same meal before I drove STICK SHIFT all the way to Cabo San Lucas because of the injury. Note this was after only a 30 minute lesson a few months ago, and not in Mexico. We checked into the Bahia hotel in Cabo San Lucas. A downgrade from our palace but still very chic and nice. We strolled along the Cabo beach and marina for a few hours, stopping for a quesadilla and Corona at the marina and then the first signs of frozen yogurt in town (for our Mexican diaherrea only). We lounged back at the hotel pool, tried to find musical night life, pretzels and ice cream sandwiches but failed on all counts so went back to the hotel bar La Esquina for life-altering french fries and an ice cream concoction of sorts, a movie, and passing out.

Our last day in Mexico was spent with a fueling brunch at a place called Peacock’s we had spotted earlier the night before. I tried a dish called Los Divorciados which were three fried eggs topped with a green sauce and red sauce, served with tortillas and fresh fruit and tons of coffee. It was a leisurely way to waste our morning and then had to say our goodbyes to Mexico and the Baja. We left happy and refreshed. We were greeted in Seattle to cold weather and gray skies but also our dear friend Amy who drove us home and fed us her delicious spaghetti. So super thankful to her and Bryan for also taking me to the airport at the crack of dawn the next morning to fly to Texas. What a fabulous trip that proved many things to me and also gave me my first taste of Mexico and Baja culture!!


Pictures to come…

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