Lose the Nerves

I am officially moving to Sound Transit’s office tomorrow. I have my badge with photo on it to get in their building, I know where my desk is where my computer and phone is all set up and I have a very good idea of what work is waiting for me to do while there. And I am excited!

I am proud of myself actually. I have sucked up all nerves and anxiety about this transition and work load and place in the company to express what I want and what I need to grow in this industry and in this company and I did it clearly and will now have it my way.

The first step was going to my dear friends and direct mentors to express what it is I want with work and my growth. I made sure I was in a coordination meeting this morning at Sound Transit to keep my foot in the project I have been working on and make sure that I get even more involved in the structrual design of the work…working with people I really like and can ask for direction too. And the final intiative was to present my case to my supervisor. I made it clear to him that I will be working on the above projects, I am ready and willing to take on geotechnical tasks but still want the structural projects sent my way too, and then I think it is in my best interest to continue site visits for the SR 99 viaduct project. He agreed with everything and I also truly think he appreciated my honesty, directness, and initiative to do so.

I may not always know what I want and often times I can be very indecisive but if I ever think anything I want to keep is potentially unstable or there is something I really want, I make sure I get it. I am also feeling more clear headed and directed since attending All Saints on Sunday so that speaks for something. It must be Holy Week.


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