Vacation Time Yet????

I think I am starting to feel that restlessness that I was warned might happen after a semester-long length of work was over. I actually surpassed that landmark before feeling this way but now I feel like I NEED a vacation. It doesn’t help that I have a lot to look forward to in the future, Christmas and New Year’s in Michigan, Whistler skiing for a 3-day long weekend, multiple ski weekends I’m sure this summer, and Mexico with Rachel and others hopefully sometime in the spring (purchased but date not set yet). It hurts to look forward to them so much and to know that in between now and my first vacation work is going to be busy working on my first big deadline for the North Link.

I took one break this week, from Ashley’s. Instead, myself and B went to Roro’s BBQ down the street and I tried the BBQ sundae (why would you not try something that sounded as interesting as that?) this time and then we went to the cute Guild 45th for Moneyball with Brad Pitt. We both absolutely loved the movie but we also liked the looks of every single one of the previews they showed.

Layered pulled chicken, baked beans, coleslaw and pickles at Roro's.

Monday night we celebrated Halloween in a great way!!!!!!!!! Ashley and I walked down 1st Ave. to my favorite List to meet the boys for their all day happy hour. Such a steal. I forced myself to try something other than the sea bass (which was hard because all three others ordered it) but opted for the ahi tuna which came with the kale, some great lentils, and a honey ginger sauce. I’m glad I tried it because like the sea bass it was a 10 and such a steal at $6.50 during happy hour. $6.50!!! I don’t think you could buy that cut of fish for $6.50 in the store. We also of course got the $14 bottle of red wine on happy hour which was again mindblowing for $14, a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. After I exclaimed how much I liked that wine, B said he was surprised since it had Merlot in it. 🙂

Trying tuna at List for a change...an excellent change!

We still had time to spare and were a hop, skip and a jump from our second favorite place, Bathtub Gin, the speakeasy, for my Cain and Abel drink. Ashley and her dining partner said that B and I were 2 for 2 for our choices…they absolutely loved both of course! So the whole night was really for the Pike Market Ghost Tour that Ashley and I had Groupon tickets for. We opted for the Lust titled tour and for 75 minutes we walked around Pikes Market hearing scandalous stories of the legendary Seattle market intertwined with ghost stories. It was fun, but freezing! Good fun was had by all but I may have been scared of ever going to the Hard Rock Cafe again and now we all want to go to Kell’s Irish Pub which is located in an old mortuary.

So agree with this survey on funniest holiday movie…yeah Christmas Vacation!!! (Yes, I voted!)

I ordered this cute apron for myself. I don’t know why…it was there?

Groupon addiction yup.

Also bought this Lulu jacket last weekend.

The Seattle Sounders are sadly not in the playoffs anymore. I watched them lose on TV on Wednesday night to Real Salt Lake. Well they won the game 2-0 but they needed to score 3 goals. Weird, yes I know. But they went out with a bang with a nice day long procession of the Sounders band down 1st Ave. which my coworkers and I thoroughly enjoyed!
Work break...

...to watch the Sounders band parade down 1st Ave.

And Friday I got to try my first ever Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives restaurant when I went with B out to lunch at Slim’s Last Chance Shack and Watering Hole. Yummmmm! I got the oh-so-good pork chile verde to warm my tummy. I loved this shack and want to go back. We also were provided with homemade pancakes and cantaloupe at our weekly Friday work breakfast that were seriously the best pancakes I have had in a long time. Friday night I stayed in with B to watch Donnie Darko and pick up Pagliacci’s special of the month, the chanterelle prosciutto pizza. It was fun and now I am looking forward to a weekend of football, sunny weather, a good book, and maybe some shopping thrown in there.
Pork Chile Verde at Slim's Last Chance in SODO district for a Friday lunch. Cornbread was mine, beer was not, no worries I had to go back to work.


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