UM Basketball Preview

Okay, I may be a little tooooooooo excited for this year’s basketball season. I cannot wait. I have read so many things about this year’s team and next years preview that I just can’t even keep it contained. As much as I like college football, I love college basketball. Here are the things I have learned about the team:

      Novak is back so that is all that really matters!
    Messiah #1
      Hardaway played on the US National team this summer and rocked it out.
      Jon Horford and Evan Smotrycz gained 28 and 36 pounds, respectively.
      Trey Burke, the Ohio Mr. Basketball is going to be dynamite at point guard this year.
      Crisler is probably looking slick with their new renovations.
      Meaning Douglass can play the position that he is actually best at.
      We got Mitch McGary over Duke and Florida, the #2 top recruit.
      I would also like to thank Novak for landing McGary.
    Messiah #2
      We are #18 in the nation going into the season, what?
      There has been very little mentioned about Jordan Morgan, weird.
      I wish I was going to the Maui Invitational for many, many reasons.
      Local SPU already gave Arizona a 1 in the lose columen.
      I can’t wait to go to a game when I come home.


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