Why Thank You

I really am in an appreciative mood. Thanks goes to:

* Key Arena and Seattle for hosting the amazing, not-to-be-missed lineup for the Deck the Hall Ball 2011 that I thankfully bought tickets for.

* Closely related to the previous, I would like to thank the great radio station 107.7 for having an online streaming listening station which I like even better to Pandora now. And again, Seattle for having 107.7 and 98.9 to give me such great tunes.

* Friend Ashley for keeping me fed well and making me feel like I am at a family dinner once a week.

* Scooter for deciding to work again and not make me buy a new one. I do love that thing and realize it needs a name given to it soon. Suggestions?

* The JA 401k advisor for not only telling me what funds to put money into but automatically changing them for me when there are better ones out there. I still don’t know what I am doing about that.

* This makes me so excited.

* Seattle weather for not being rainy, gray and miserable everyday yet like I fear.

* My slick rainjacket and rainboots to keep me dry and looking good when it does rain.

* Groupon and coupon servers for an unneeded but greatly appreciated obsession.

* My sweet bus pass. Sometimes it is swiped like 5 times in one day…that would be $12.50 in transportation without a pass.

* Michigan sports teams, for not embarassing me with their sports teams this year as a newbie to the city.

* My free movie screening account for keeping entertained during the week, stoking my movie interest, and saving me from the days that are gray and gloomy. I got another goody coming up Thursday of Like Crazy which after seeing the previews last night at Moneyball am sooooooo excited for.

* $30 Benihana’s birthday coupon just for signing up for their club. Free lunch for myself and coworker and friend on Tuesday!!!!! Yummy!!! I needed to repay her for her generosity and catch up with her and everything going on in her life. Benihana’s lunch entrees are so great. Soup, salad, vegetables, veggie fried rice, and a duo of steak and shrimp for $17. Plus they brought me out a birthday sundae which I was bursting in the seams to finish four bites. Friend had never been to a Japanese steakhouse so that is what I enjoyed the most. Though, for future I think Benihana’s should allow the birthday coupon to be used for both myself and friend, it would have pretty much covered it but it was still my treat to her anyways.

* For not snowing here 5″ like some other East coast cities yet. Eww.

* Washington apples!!

* Ability for Seattle to laugh at itself.

* Facetime…for being able to see my parents lovely faces from time to time.


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