11 Months!!

One month shy of one years old. Oh my! She is on the go and moving around these days, full of smiles, and getting ever more interesting.

  • She’s taken steps. Several of them actually. And really, as of this weekend, she is walking. She’s great at standing up and sitting back down without assistance. I don’t know if it is because she is so tiny or what but it really cracks me up seeing her walk around.
  • Aside from her few days being down with some type of virus, she’s a great eater still. She has discovered love for mandarins, suckers, popsicles, and most anything that comes off of her sister’s plate.
  • She still loves the playground and has protested on a few occasions when she was not ready to go home from one.
  • She does downward dog a lot and thinks it is funny to stick her booty in the air. She also finds her sister’s booty funny.
  • She participated in her first trick or treating. She was in awe of the lights, sights and sounds and ended the night with one twizzler to try.
  • She’s been fitted for her bike helmet and we now officially have the two-seater bike trailer set up and ready to go for the girl’s morning commutes. We used it on Friday last week and to and from gymnastics on Saturday while the car was being serviced.
  • She’s still a big fan of bath time, especially when Reese participates as well. She also loves brushing her teeth while in the bath. The girl is obsessed with toothbrushes.
  • Still not a great sleeper and still loves to cuddle with someone in bed.
  • Essentially has gotten herself down to one nap a day. Occasional she has two naps but it’s not super common.
  • She has taken an interest lately to our little Fisher Price car toy set, the play kitchen, and the standing noise making table.
  • She’s started the phase of getting into cabinets and bins and taking everything out of them.
  • She has also started putting things into compartments. She has helped me pick up all of the crayons and put them in a bag a few times and she will put various items in bowls or cups.
  • Despite liking food she has occasionally explored dropping food or silverware on the floor too and seeing what happens. Not nearly as much as Reese did but still interested.
  • She will get into toilets if the seat is not closed. She is also starting to explore unrolling the toilet paper rolls.

She’s still just the best and a fun-loving baby who loves her family and being social, being outdoors and on the go. I’m glad she got over the sickness because none of that was fun and I cannot believe we are only a month away from her turning one!


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