Halloween Happiness

We’ve tried to participate in Halloween to the fullest this year for Reese as she’s said it’s her favorite holiday a few times. We had a few things canceled un us, thus, not surprisingly we have not carved our three pumpkins. Maybe I’ll disect it for pumpkin seeds post-Halloween. We watched Hocus Pocus 1 and 2 a few times as Reese got really into witches and actually didn’t find it scary, which surprised me. We painted a spider web on a weekend day at home while Brooke napped. And we went to the Garfield Community Center Halloween Carnival on Friday to check it out, play some carnival games, and get some candy. This was all leading up to the big event.

On Monday, Reese’s classmates all wore pajamas to school (costumes weren’t allowed), but at 4:30 PM all congregated and changed into their costumes to hit the streets as a group in the very popular and uber decked out Volunteer Park neighborhood. We spent nearly three hours collecting Halloween candy and legit could not bring any more with us on foot. Reese had the best of time being a fairy princess with giant wings and going door to door with all of her good friends from school and even a few of her friends who don’t attend Interlaken. Bryan and I had a great time and I think Brooke was just in awe, but dressed up super cute as a unicorn, per Reese’s request.

Aside from Halloween and treats we’ve had some good family time recently. Bryan and I finally got out on a date night, first one since my parents left. We walked down the street to check out the new Kamp Social House and had a couple fantastic cocktails and some good food. This is thanks to that new date night swap we’ve started, hallelujah for not always having to pay for a sitter! We had Sarah and Lottie over for dinner for the first time in a long time. We ordered delivery from Dumpling the Noodle for their Seattle Restaurant Week deal with a few types of dumplings, fried sweet and spicy chicken, beef noodles, and other goodies.

On Saturday we had a good time getting out of the house with first all of us watching Reese at gymnastics. She’s fun to watch in class now! We then kept driving south to play at Gene Coulon Park where they have an exceptional playground next to the lake. It was one of our last sunny days for a while and about 60 degrees so we played at the park for a while before walking to Red Robin to get an early dinner (and free birthday dinner) and catch the start of the Michigan vs. MSU game (sorry Mom). We watched the rest of the game at home, although I truthfully didn’t catch much of it at all.

Sunday was a cabin fever type day. We spent the morning and afternoon at home playing a lot of imagination games, matching games, reading books, etc. Finally, Sunday night rolled around and I volunteered for the first time in forever for FareStart at what they called the James Beard dinner which was a prize back from their 2019 Gala that was canceled twice due to the pandemic. It was fun getting back in this type of roll and with some people that I know fairly well. I got to help some really noteworthy local chefs serve up their food, pour wine, and chit chat with some of the guests. Meanwhile, Bryan graciously took both girls over to Reese’s friend Lily’s house for her 4th birthday party where a small group got together to celebrate with fun party games, pizza and cake.

I can’t believe it is November and we are “falling back” this weekend. Where has the time gone? We have a few things going on this week and weekend but then aside from Bryan’s work trip coming up in a bit it’s fairly quiet for some time.


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