A Week With Uncle Chad

Last week was a blur. I don’t even know what went on lol. We said goodbye to my parents on Monday but Uncle Chad stayed with us the remainder of the week, leaving on Friday. Chad went with his friend Jordan to the Kraken game on Monday night, giving us a night of normalcy that we hadn’t had in some time, and truly the rest of the visit was laid back and easy.

Both Bryan and I had to work the week so Chad had the days to himself and kept himself pretty occupied and busy. I know he did some bike riding on the steep Seattle hills, went for a few runs, went to the YMCA, went to the market a few times for lunch, and tried out a few other neighborhood spots during the day. Tuesday night Chad had dinner with us at home and we invited Sarah and Lottie over since Chad likes to see the Reese and Lottie duo in action. It was a nice night and we ate outside on the back deck. He spent Wednesday night again with his friend and took my scooter to and from which I was glad worked out for him.

Then on Thursday we all met up at T Mobile Park for the Mariners game against the Rangers. It was our first time to see the Mariners all summer and it was super fun. It was a value game so our seats were $10 and beers were $5. We took the train there and back which was easy and the girls did really good, enjoying the music and sounds and occasional fireworks. Reese also loved the kids play area that was in very close walking distance to our seats. We managed to stay through to the 7th inning but then had to head home, with the girls still not even getting to bed until after 10 pm. It ended up being a very exciting game that went into extra innings.

With such a late night we got a late start on Friday morning and drop off went extra late. I got to spend some of the morning talking to Chad one last time before saying my goodbyes to him as he headed to the bus to head to the airport. It was a nice visit with him and I just wished I could have taken more time off to spend with him while he was here.

We spent the weekend recovering in many ways. On Saturday I took Reese (and Brooke) to her first 4 year old gymnastics class and was surprised by everything they had the 4 year olds doing. Reese could keep up for sure, it wasn’t beyond her, but all of the kids were red faced and sweaty by the end of class. This will be good for her for sure. After class, I then took the girls to Seahurst Park, way southwest near Burien, for her friend from school, Virginia’s 4th birthday party. Reese had a great time playing with her friends on the beach and the playground, getting cake and a popsicle, and Brooke had a good time trying to eat sand, eating a bunch of cake, and swinging on the swing set. We headed home around 6 pm and both girls were exhausted. Success!!

We should have gotten a quicker start to our Sunday but had a nice and easy morning with breakfast, cleaning off the bounce house and deck, and watching the Seahawks get their second win. Finally around 1:30 we left to head to a park on the eastside before meeting up with our FareStart friends at Novelty Hill to reunite after 2+ years of no Guest Chef Night. It was a great time being with everyone again and thankfully one of our friend’s has two kids of her own that she brought so Reese had some playmates while we drank wine for two hours.

We had glorious weather all weekend with highs in the upper 70s and today is no different. I’m loving this warm and sunny late fall weather, although we do still have some smoke in the air. We have another birthday party at the park after school today and then it’s pretty quiet this week which should be good.


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