We’ve Hit 10 Months!

Little Miss Brooke is already in the double digits, month-wise, and every day is developing more personality, more resiliency, and more fun. We had nearly two weeks of visitors during this month and she handled all of the changes in people and places well. She’s really getting into exploring playgrounds and is becoming a more independent player around the house, which is always nice. Let’s take a look at the rest of the updates.

  • She has been loving going down slides these days, usually on her sister’s lap. She still loves swings too.
  • She has been working on going up stairs and is definitely getting better at it.
  • She likes to make eye contact with strangers.
  • She has now been to her first two sporting events; a football game and a baseball game.
  • Has started to use snack cups and loves to drink out of Reese’s cups with straws. Still reaches for a beer or glass of wine when in reach.
  • Has started doing a few funny hand movements that were taught by her dad and likes to “pop” her lips.
  • Still not a great sleeper and still loves to cuddle with someone in bed.
  • Trying strongly to get herself down to one nap a day but still definitely needs two.
  • She’s pulling up and cruising all over these days. Now she is trying to surmount small obstacles like mom or dad’s legs or pillows.
  • Has a fierce grip and is just all around grabby. I feel like I am assaulted every night at bedtime by her pinches and grabs of the hair, face, and neck.
  • She loves to carry an object around with her. Favorite objects are toothbrushes, Reese socks, and these two costume necklaces. Carries them all of the time.
  • Has a nice little bop dance she does that cracks me up.
  • Brooke finds Reese’s booty dancing funny and she also greatly enjoys washing her splash in the bath tub.
  • Fortunately I feel like the girls bed time and waking hours is slowly starting to come together. Brooke is usually asleep around 8 and we can usually start to attempt bedtime with Reese around 8:30. Brooke usually wakes up around 7 am and Reese between 7:30-8 (I usually have to wake her up at 7:30 to get her ready for school).
  • Has discovered that she absolutely loves popsicles and suckers. Will fight her sister for them.

She’s a wonderful little girl to have around and has really started to play more independently, particularly at night. She has been exploring the living room and kitchen cabinets, where we are most frequently, and has started to become a bit of a tornado on how much she can pull out in a small amount of time. She is go with the flow most of the time but will protest when something is not right. From her 9 month appointment this morning Brooke weighs in at 16.5 lbs (13%) and 29″ (76%).


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