The Tales of a 4 Year Old Birthday Party


  • princess
  • dress up
  • rainbow cake
  • park/playground
  • lots of friends
  • birthday song and candles

She shall receive. Last night we celebrated Reese’s 4th birthday and were delighted that so many of her friends and their families were able to join us. We decided rather last minute to move the party to a small park near us that is usually very quiet but super cute and shaded. We started the party right after school was over for the day. Bryan and I left about an hour early with the car packed full of party supplies and picking up the balloons we had dropped off and ice from Safeway on the way. We made quick work unloading the car, setting up a folding table and decorating that with the princess party plates and cups, put up a “Happy Birthday” banner over the monkey bars and a few other streamers on the playground equipment. We had some watermelon and a veggie tray and ordered a bunch of pizzas from Pagliacci’s.

Bryan then left me to finish set up and picked up Brooke (in her princess dress) and then Reese (in her unicorn princess dress) and Reese ran out of the car upon arrival to check everything out. She was pretty excited, to say the least, and loved everything. Party guests started to arrive and the kids kept themselves pretty entertained on the playground equipment, with the cars and wagons located around the park, and putting on and taking off the different dress up costumes we brought with us. Most parents got to enjoy themselves just sitting and talking, maybe with beer in hand. We were there for just about three hours and our last guests left around 4:30 PM when we started to pack up our things. The nice thing about park parties is that the mess gets picked up but there is no mess at the house!

Reese had a wonderful time. Both girls were sweaty and dirty and got in a quick bath once home. Reese crashed pretty hard when it was her bedtime, Brooke however needed some coercing to go down. It was a great party and I’m just thrilled that Reese had such a wonderful time with her friends.


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