Sweet Summer

This past week and weekend has felt very summery still, very warm still, and yet I still have the knowledge that summer will be coming to an end in the not so distant future and I seriously don’t want it to. I want to hold on to the remaining weeks we have left of summery with all my might!

Last week went by in a flash it felt like. After our camping trip we were facing temps in the 80s all week and weekend. We went to the Volunteer Park wading pool on two afternoons, once with a friend and once in conjunction with the Interlaken park play date combined birthday party for one of Reese’s classmates. Both times was nice to cool off in the water or the shade and spend time with fellow parents. We spent another day in a shaded park after school and the rest of the week Reese chose to go home and play at home for the night.

Bryan took two friends to the Seahawks one and only home preseason game against the Bears. He was not impressed with the quarterback situation we have this year but had fun at the game no less and got to catch up with some friends. This was one of the nights we went “swimming” and then I gave the girls a bath because they were so dirty and sweaty and then did not fair very well putting them down for bed by myself. All four of us were spent come Friday night and opted for just dinner and a movie at home.

Saturday started out nice and slow and we had most of the day free until we headed north to Shoreline for our friend’s son’s first birthday party. We got to play and hang out in their yard and they grilled a bunch of food. Reese had a great time with Eliana and pretty much entertained themselves with all of their fun toys. Brooke crashed on the way home and Reese was not too difficult to put to bed after the party either.

Sunday was a busy but fun day. I took the girls to gymnastics first and then we went straight from there to the nearby Jefferson Park so that Reese could play at the park (Brooke swung in the swings and watched) and from there Bryan took over so that I could go play in my soccer game. We won 2-1 and I headed back with the rest of the crew to home.

Brooke took an epic nap, Reese and I played, and then we had the sitter come over around 5:30 PM when Bryan and I headed to the eastside with our picnic bag to meet up with friends at the Chateau St Michelle winery for the Fitz and the Tantrums and Andy Grammar concert. We had a blast! We had no issues with traffic, parking or lines as I feared. Our friends had gotten there earlier and save us spots with them on their blankets. They had also purchased several bottles of wine for our group to enjoy through the night. With all of us contributing we had quite the epic picnic spread of cheese, salamis, olives, fruit, cookies, and veggies with dip. Fitz fortunately played last so everyone was on their feet to dance in the dark. It was a great concert and we are both feeling it this morning!

We have a birthday party to get ready for this week and one excited nearly-4-year-old who is ready for it. It’s also her last week of school before a week and a half break before the new “school year” starts.


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