Memorial Day Already

I think there is something about the spring weather in Seattle that really makes the fast approaching summer months sneak up on you. I mean, come on, it’s already Memorial Day weekend and we are getting so many highs still in the 50s. Warm up I say! Although our Memorial Day weekend weather is looking anything but summery, we did get treated with a warm weather weekend last week that was glorious and much needed! So let’s take a look back at what I missed to report in the past two weeks.

We reunited with Lottie on Friday night at Miller Park, after Reese’s pajama day at school. We played at the park for awhile before Lottie scootered and Reese rode her trike back to our house for an easy dinner off of the grill. We attempted another spontaneous sleepover with Lottie at our house but the minute the lights were out she requested her mama and I just didn’t have the patience or energy to calm her nor do I want sleepovers to be a traumatic experience for her so I dropped her back off at home. Saturday morning Lottie was back over for a few hours and the girls played in the backyard, walked up to the purple slide, and then went to the store to buy some flowers to plant because Lottie has been asking to do so.

Saturday night we had picnic plans with our friends Anne and Phillip and their two kids at Alki Beach. The girls played in the water, played in the sand, ran up and down the beach, each took spins on their balance bikes, and topped the night off with ice cream cones at sunset. We also had a great takeout Greek dinner on our beach blanket. It was a tad cool with the breeze off of the water but it was a great night out. Sunday night we had another picnic just ourselves after we walked to Amazon Fresh for pizza slices and poke bowls from Seattle Fish Guys thanks to a Yelp Elite event. I also played soccer on Sunday afternoon and the girls napped pretty much the entire time that Bryan was watching them! Reese made it back to gymnastics Sunday morning and I took the girls down the street to a park after gymnastics to give Bryan some time at home. It was all in all a wonderful weekend.

The previous weekend was also a great and social weekend with different friend’s events. We spent Saturday afternoon up at Polly’s house for her daughter Niko’s 1st birthday party outside. Gorgeous party and tasty food and we played at the park down the street from their house for some time afterwards to soak up the surprising sunshine. It was good to see many of our friends there. Sunday we headed to Ballard for drinks at Urban Family Brewing as Stephan and Ewelina were in town from Poland for a wedding and we got to catch up with them, enjoy some beers, and got some dinner at a place nearby. The girls did great letting us catch up with our friends for a few hours.

For the work week, Bryan is still settling into his new role and the new commute into the Everett office three days a week. I am pretty much settled into two days in the office myself. For drop off, Reese and I have taken the stroller, taken her scooter, taken the car (when Bryan is home), taken the bus once (on a rainy day) and just this week got my bike and the bike trailer up and working. We are still doing pickups by walking and heading to the park on more days than not. Brooke is getting along well with our nanny and is getting more vocal, sitting unassisted, and doing longer and longer stints on her tummy. She’s been enjoying books these days and likes to watch her sister color as well. Oh, and eat, she loves to eat.

Bryan has had a few more occasions out with friends. He got dinner and drinks with Billy last week and has gone to the driving range twice in the past week. I got my first night out this week with a delicious Ethiopian dinner and wine in Columbia City. It was glorious but I was still home to put both girls asleep (and proceeded to fall asleep in Reese’s bed while doing so). We had our first MJA Baking Competition last week with brownies (the easiest bake if you ask me) and Reese and my brownies placed in 2nd out of 8. And Bryan and I have started a weekly date night at home on Thursday nights. Once the girls are both asleep (i.e. 10 pm) we have a drink and catch up vs play on our phones or watch TV. This is very enjoyable and honestly necessary.

I’m looking forward to the long weekend. Although we don’t yet have set plans I have some ideas to keep us entertained so let’s see what we end up doing!


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