Memorial Day Memories

This past weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, was nice to have an extra day off, was chilly and rainy much of the weekend, again, didn’t feel anything like a kickoff to summer. Somehow though we managed to coax it in to feeling like summer. Taking a look at what we did; swimming, a music festival, grilling up some burgers, all point towards summer, they were just a bit different.

For instance, instead of swimming outside, we took the girls up to McMenamin’s indoor saltwater pool in Bothell on Saturday morning. Reese’s friend Mika was up for the adventure so we met them there and were able to snag an hour long swimming session in the very warm (thank goodness) pool. All four of us swam the whole time and the pool really does have a wonderful ambiance and was a lot of fun. Managed to get both girls showered and dressed before leaving and we headed home for lunch and the rest of the day spent playing inside thanks to the rainy weather.

Sunday was a busy morning. I walked the girls to Raised Doughnuts in the morning to get my hands on the last of the monthly May special of a french toast filled donut and the apple fritter, picked by Reese. We then drove Reese to gymnastics where she had a private lesson most likely thanks to it being a holiday weekend and no other kids there from her class. Fortunately she didn’t seem nervous or to shy away from this one on one session which meant she was go go go the full 45 minutes, no taking turns on the obstacle course, the rope swing or the trampoline. She actually worked up a sweat. From there we headed to the International District to put our name in for a party of 10 at Jade Garden for dim sum. After a wait we snagged a large table for our group (us plus Luis and Carina and family and Sarah and Lottie). We got a slew of dumplings during a rather chaotic meal with all of the girls. It was also pushing towards nap time and we headed home from there. The rest of the day was rainy and quiet indoors.

Monday was the only day without rain so we took advantage by heading out to the Seattle Center for some time at Folklife Fest. We met up with Reese’s friend Lily and her family and eventually also found Mika and her family. We spent the first hour or so at the playground for the massive climbing structure and slide that Reese has never been big enough for. She rocked it though and loved it but was able to convince to leave to find some snacks and music. We settled on a giant elephant ear to share and met up with our friends at the Fountain Lawn Stage for the band called “The Not Its” who are essentially a punk rock band for kids that play red light green light for dancing and wear bright pink socks and tutus. Perfect concert for Reese and her and her friend Mika were front and center at the stage dancing the whole time. I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Once the band was done Reese wanted to play in the fountain, which she did for awhile before then getting soaked. We got some cotton candy as we headed back to the car and Reese waited all of the way until we got home to try the cotton candy, but loved it.

I spent some time with Brooke outside cleaning up the backyard to get it summer ready and we grilled up some burgers with tater tots for a true summer dinner. This week is actually presenting the weather I would have loved over the weekend but all is well as we have a few outdoor events this week for Reese and for fun. I’m so excited for summer and feeling really excited that we booked tickets to the cottage for the 4th and will get to spend the next holiday weekend with family!


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