We’ve been through the ringer I tell you. I feel like I am just finally starting to be able to catch my breath. Let’s see where do I start…

So yes, we had one wonderful week of Reese in school. The week was rather uneventful in the most blessed way possible. Good weather, got out on a walk to talk to a potential nanny share family who was a friend from my PEPS group three years ago, walked with Polly and Niko around Green Lake since their school was closed, and got the A-OK from my doctor to proceed with exercise and life in general. It was a good week.

The weekend then brought great weather and we took a nice long walk with Reese’s friend Mika to go to Volunteer Park with her and Lottie. We got fantastic takeout, with Sarah and Lottie, from Bok a Bok with a ton of Korean fried chicken and sides and just the joy of getting out of the house. I took Reese to school Monday morning but at 2 pm we were notified that there was another positive case in her class. Pick her up ASAP. Ugh!

So we had another week of no school for Reese. This time around, the two kids that Reese had playdates with the last time, were two of the three kids that tested positive. So no playdates either. I went through another round of taking both girls with me to get Reese tested. I took Reese for some walks outside to playgrounds during the day where there were no kids there. Once we were sure she was negative I also took her to the gymnastics indoor playground. On Saturday Bryan graciously took Reese to meet up with Lottie to the bounce house at Arena Sports to give me a bit of a break with the two girls. It was wonderful…and needed. We pulled it together to have our neighbors and Sarah and Lottie over for dinner of burgers and fries and to tap Bryan’s first beer on Sunday night.

We’ve had a whole other story related to COVID this week so stay tuned for how that is going!


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