Dos Meses

Two months seems like it has gone so fast in so many ways. Although there are more current events that have shaken up our lives as of late, I don’t want to overshadow Brooke’s two month birthday. And we still need to do her 2 month waffles. We’ve hit a rhythm in many ways with the two girls, although not all times are easy. Definitely when Reese is home from school (which has unfortunately been about 3/4 of the time), and especially when Bryan is working (or sick), having the two at once is a lot. They just need such different types of attention at all times.

Here are some of the updates for Brooke after her 2nd month birthday:

  • We have officially retired all of her newborn outfits and are officially in size 1 diapers. We have yet to get her into the doctor’s office for her 2 month doctor appointment (because we had to cancel it on Friday) to get her weighed and measured but I am really curious where she stands.
  • Brooke really likes to lay on her activity mat but likes to kick the risers of it more than swat at the animals with her hands that hang down from it.
  • Brooke has rolled over twice under Bryan’s watch and has definitely strengthened her arms and legs and likes to put weight on her legs and stand up straight.
  • We controlled the baby acne thankfully. This has been done by daily baths that she absolutely loves. She loves bath time!!
  • She definitely likes to nap while moving, in the Ergo or in the double stroller, but thankfully she will take naps just on the couch too (unlike Reese). We are still working on her enjoying car rides but the past week has improved that a bit with the various activities we have done around town and she is starting to look for the wubba on her lap to comfort her in her car seat, she just still can’t grasp it and bring it up to her mouth yet.
  • She has not really found a chair, swing, or anything that she will sit in for long, she’d rather lay on her mat. She also likes being just on the floor (especially if she can watch the TV).
  • She seems to catch up most with her nap times when her sister is in school. I tend to have a crankier baby on my hands on the days when Reese is home, unless we get out for some good long walks in which she sleeps through them.
  • This girl loves to talk and have conversations. She will coo and smile at you for a good long while which is not something I really remember Reese doing. Don’t you dare break that eye contact and look away! She is ticklish in her underarms and feet as well.
  • She’s been pretty good at falling asleep at night, usually starting bedtime around 7:30 and down between 8 and 8:30 and most nights she doesn’t wake up until 3 am which is a good solid chunk of sleep! I’m not complaining about that at all.
  • We have tried the bottle twice and the first time was a definite no and the second was a maybe so we need to continue to try to expose her to this method of feeding.
  • Brooke finds her sister so fascinating and exciting until about 5:00 PM when she then seems to become easily bothered and upset around her.
  • She still has very blue eyes that I just love to stare into and a cute little face. She does not yet have quite the expressions that Reese had, she doesn’t have as strong of eyebrows to make those statements yet. When she smiles at me is when I see me as a baby the most in her.
  • She loves to hold hands. This seems to be both playful to her and a comfort to her. When she won’t let herself calm down to settle into sleep, holding her hand almost always works.

Love this little girl and her ever growing personality.


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