Last Ten Weeks

It’s shocking that I have already hit the 30 week mark and only have less than ten weeks left to go. That time is going to fly I just know and I still feel like we aren’t fully prepared for this. I’ve still been feeling pretty good and mobile although I feel like my belly has increased twofold in the past two weeks and is still growing at a rapid speed. Other noticeable side effects and things going on now that I have entered the third trimester:

  • Difficulty breathing, getting a full breath, getting winded much easier, sometimes even when I am just sitting. Good posture helps šŸ˜¦
  • Fatigue is starting to creep back in. I feel like I could take a nap most days and am tired at night at an earlier hour.
  • Fullness. My belly just doesn’t like getting more cramped these days.
  • Belly itchy at times thanks to the stretching out.
  • Squats are starting to get more difficult just from a space situation.
  • I am definitely running hot, especially at night.
  • Thankfully swelling has not yet started in my legs but I remember that being especially bad in the last month.
  • Similarly, my back has not hurt as much this time around but that might be thanks to my strength training, or maybe not.
  • I have to go to the bathroom A LOT.
  • Baby is very active and at all hours of the day. No need for kick counts with this one right now.

The nursery is definitely still a work in progress but with the crib, daybed and bassinet all set up it’ll work. I also have the curtain room divider up that I really like and I pulled out all of our newborn clothes which, thankfully, are all neutral in colors! Will still need to get some newborn diapers and install the infant car seat at some point but I am also waiting on the IKEA dresser I want to be back in stock (it’s been out of stock now for well over a month) so that I can put away the clothes, store diapers, etc. I have two of the three cross stitch projects done and I have a planned mobile to make above the crib but haven’t gone about buying the (minimal) supplies for it yet.

Another big to do is picking out names. We have talked hardly more than about 20 minutes on a walk one time about names, and this was months ago, which I stored all in my phone to discuss at a later date. Next date night this is going to be a discussion point or else I am going to start sweating on that one.

And Reese seems to be getting more serious about it all as well. We’ve tried talking more about the ways in which she can help when the baby is born so that she feels like she is apart of it all. She loves to lay her head on baby at night and she is being much more gentle with my belly. She has felt for baby’s movements a few times and to my surprise wasn’t completely freaked about that. She also talks nearly daily about what baby does or does not like (i.e. cold, pats, dancing, etc).

Reese and I have been solo this week with Bryan in Charleston and we have had a nice week. It’s been very pleasant out, very nice for fall weather. We’ve had cool mornings but warm afternoons and have been able to get out to the park a few times. We had a play date at a friend’s house on Wednesday which was a nice treat and Reese and I had a soft serve ice cream date as well. We get Bryan home this evening and I am much looking forward to that!


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