Falling into Fall

Whether I am ready for it or not I guess that fall is presenting itself and I am going to have to accept that. After literally months of no rain, the rainy season is upon us. We had some wet weather this past weekend but it wasn’t as bad as the forecast indicated and we made it to the park both days and actually had glorious weather on Saturday. Reese and I took a long walk to Montlake Park to do the big, big, big slide, which she is now so capable of and terrifies me way less, and Bryan met us at the park before hitting up the Eastlake patio, still in a sleeveless shirt and quite comfortable. The views of the lake and the boats heading home at dusk were really gorgeous and we had a few flurries of wind that showered us with gold colored leaves while at the park which even Reese marveled at. Fall is not so bad! Reese has been learning about fall/autumn this week at school too so here we go. Appropriately she brought a football and pom poms to school today for Show and Share because that’s what we think of fall (she also wore her Seahawks cheerleading outfit).

We enjoyed having Bryan home this weekend so much. He made us breakfast both days and helped to watch Lottie on Saturday morning while we had the two girls until the afternoon. They were more like sisters than friends on this occasion, both a little irritable, so I was grateful to have him there. We hit up Lowrider for cookies on Sunday after our park haunt and before the horrible Seahawks loss to Minnesota. And I miraculously was able to score the dresser that I needed from IKEA at the end of last week and Bryan put that together for me on Sunday morning and it’s now in the nursery and with all of our newborn clothes and knick knacks ready to go!

I’ve cooked the past few nights, for the first time in what seems like literally months. And I’m continuing that trend with the help of the always delicious Seattle Fish Guys Fish 4 Dayz menu this week (halibut, salmon, bacon wrapped scallops and black cod on the menu this week!). I have to get in as much as I can while Bryan is here as he is leaving us again tomorrow morning for another week in Charleston, which means another week of Reese and I getting takeout or doing heat and eat meals every night (and a week of dining out for Bryan so it’s a good reprieve for all of us with home cooked meals).

I feel like my head is actually starting to understand the fact that we will be having a very new baby here soon and what that means in terms of…everything. I actually spent a morning going over old documents: to dos before labor, birth plan, my leave of absence calendar, etc. and it was a vivid walk down memory lane and a wake up call that we still have a few more things to do to get ready to welcome baby home. We will get there. I’ve scored a few things off of Buy Nothing were some of the missing items we needed and there are a few things left to get.

Farewell my friend. This was literally just about a week before it was taken as I was impressed it hadn’t been towed while we were in Michigan.

In other news and events this week, I enjoyed two free coffees from Starbucks for their 50th anniversary on Wednesday, first after dropping off Reese and in the afternoon I made a pick-me-up stop at the Roastery for a fancy brew. I’m trying to retrain my hair to be curly, which is a very temperamental and slow going experiment of sorts but one I figured I should try now when being mostly at home with both work and in welcoming a new baby. This means putting away the blow dryer (except for diffusing which I don’t have appropriate time for) and assessing the condition of my hair. I’m trying a new deep conditioner and testing my patience on my hair. And also testing my patience is realizing that my scooter was stolen last Thursday. Although my scooter was already 8 years old, I’m sad to not have it with me anymore, especially for the convenience of getting to and from the office. I’ll be purchasing another for sure because they just make sense in the city and are fun to ride but it was an ordeal reporting the bike stolen to the police and now being on the search for another one. So long Raider Red! Bryan thinks our next scooter should be burnt orange (while Reese told me she thinks it should be blue).


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