Three Five

Yesterday we celebrated the most amazing father, husband, friend, brother, son, engineer, cyclist, hiker, and many other descriptors. I think Bryan was a little anxious turning 35 this year but I don’t know why. To me he seems completely in his own these days; enjoying his time spent with Reese at home, going for long bike rides as a family or solo, learning to brew and tapping into his mechanical self, running now at lightening speed, looking good with a full beard and lush head of hair, not having to commute into work, and seeing only our closest friends for moments that seem even more special during these crazy times.

Birthday kisses. Not pictured: Reese’s nakey butt

I was all about Bryan’s birthday this year. I think I had just as much fun as he did. Unfortunately, neither Reese nor I got to see him until nearly 4 pm because he had to go in for a mandatory training at work (?!) but after that it was all play, no work. We had plans to bike to meet up with Billy and Valerie (who we haven’t seen for four months) and their kids at the park for takeout BBQ. We biked the 12 miles to Briley’s BBQ, just off of the Burke Gilman Trail, to place our order before heading back about 3 miles to Matthews Beach Park to enjoy our dinner. It was a day with a high of 80, the warmest of what we have been having, but on the shaded Burke Gilman it felt perfect! We had our picnic steps from the water and Billy and Val treated us to delicious and refreshing froses (frozen rose slushies). We had quite the spread with a chopped brisket sandwich, a full rack of amazing ribs, slaw, greens, fries, and brussels. The BBQ was delicious and Reese managed one rib and some fries before deciding the ducks and the water were more interesting.

Reese chasing ducks

Reese had an amazing time, as she always does with her friend Ainsley. She followed her around the whole time and they were pretty cute playing in the water. I got to catch up with Val and Bryan with Billy. We didn’t end up leaving the park until just before 9 when we decided we couldn’t stay any longer in fear of it getting too dark for our 8 mile bike ride back home. We made it in time, getting home around 9:30 or a little later and Reese and I got Bryan’s cake ready while he put the bikes away. We sang him “Happy Birthday” (Reese was saying “Happy Birthday” all day long and it was so cute) and Reese got to steal a few bites before going to bed.

It was a day that felt NORMAL, a day that felt like summer; a bike ride, BBQ, friends, water, picnic, cake, warm weather. Definitely one of the better days we have had in a long time and I’m so glad that Bryan was able to celebrate his day this way. Happy Birthday Bryan! The only picture I have from the celebration is Reese chasing ducks and her giving her daddy a nakey butt kiss…


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