Endings Bring New Beginnings

Last week was an eventful week. We celebrated mid-week for Bryan’s birthday but then the day after we had to make a bittersweet goodbye to our nanny of the past year and a half for the girls and the day after that we dropped Reese off at daycare for her first half day to transition her. It felt like anything but a normal week. Thursday felt like Friday, with us celebrating the end of our nanny’s time with one last happy hour cocktail of negronis and snacks on the back deck. And Friday felt like Monday because we were starting in on something new.

It did NOT feel like Friday that is for sure. However, Reese led me on a walk in the afternoon, straight to Lottie’s house (I had plans on going for a run with her but she led me on a walk, turn for turn, straight to Lottie’s) so I stayed and visited with Sarah for a bit before finally getting a short run in with Reese much later than planned before heading home and having pizza for dinner. Bryan joined us at home for dinner but he had a busy afternoon of a run in the Arboretum and then going to the driving range with Mark and Jeff and hitting the crap out of the balls!

Thankfully, the weekend felt like the weekend and was both parts relaxing and fun. We had beautiful weather the whole weekend through and it’s finally starting to feel like summer is here. We had pancakes outside (per request of Reese), played in the backyard for a while Saturday morning, and then Reese and Bryan took a nap together while I went for a solo run. On Saturday afternoon we took Reese to Seward Park to walk and sit and splash by the water. Soooo many boats out and Reese always has a good time with water.

On Sunday we got ready to go pick up Sarah and Lottie for an out-of-town adventure. We set forth for Henna Blueberry Farm in Carnation, WA (about 40 minutes drive away) to go pick blueberries. Since the girls ate two pints of blueberries in two days a little over a week ago, I thought they might enjoy it and we would enjoy getting some delicious fresh berries for a fraction of the cost. It was a toasty day and Bryan and Reese both got pretty hot. One had to retreat to the AC in the car while the other retreated to shade of the John Deere tractor. After over an hour of picking the berries, and eating quite a bit as we went along (particularly Reese had quite a few), we paid for our berries before heading home with the AC blasting. 4.5 lbs of berries were in tow for our one household. I’d say it was successful.

Once back in Seattle, Reese took some time to go down for her nap and didn’t do so until after 3 pm. This gave Bryan and I the late afternoon to share some sangria and beers on the back deck and we filled up the “big” pool for the next several hot days ahead of us. Once up, Reese was hungry so we had an early dinner and a movie night and wished for many more weekend summer days instead of getting back to work.

Cheers to summertime and nap time

This morning started Reese’s first day at daycare and I was a little anxious dropping her off. She was shy and timid this morning and I just wanted to hug and sit with her forever but I also knew if I stayed awhile it would make it that much more difficult. She didn’t cry when I left and it’s tough having to give her kisses through the mask but I’m still thinking that this is going to be good for her and that she will settle in quickly. Lottie wasn’t yet there when I arrived so I think Lottie will help the transition as well, I know Reese does for Lottie at least.

And back in Michigan, “Grandma”, as Reese said for the first time this morning is tackling one more step in her journey. I’ve heard surgery has gone well and is more or less as was to be expected so far. Like every moment already this year, I wish I could be there to help and support locally but I’m very grateful for the help and support she has without me.

Here’s to more new beginnings…


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