Our 20 Month Old!

As I’ve reported, life has looked a little different for us lately but honestly Reese probably doesn’t notice a difference. Our new normal is different, but is working, and Reese helps keep us busy and entertained and makes the world feel a little less abnormal.

Here’s her latest:

  • Her vocabulary is expanding. New words include: Apple, bed, chin, cheek, love you, thank you, pancake, play doh, soup, ride, trash, cute, cereal.
  • She is still reading her own books at night while we sit and watch her act. She is quite animated while doing so, as well.
  • She loves the shower head and is getting more comfortable being in the water. She also loves bath time with Lottie.
  • She loves her play house, particularly shutting the door on people.
  • She demands “Elmo” often but only gets to watch in the morning on occasion and at night.
  • Night time dance parties are still pretty epic. We’ve moved from La La Land to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. I think we are close to moving on to “Lollipop” by MIKA. She also likes to get on dancing shoes or boots while still being nude so that’s something to see.
  • She has helped me make a few things in the kitchen now. She has helped assembled many salads (eating many tomatoes as she goes) and helped me put together some biscuits with adding and mixing some ingredients.
  • She needs her Lottie right now. The more they are with each other the more they seem to need one another. She gets sad when she leaves every day and we now are waiting outside for their arrival in the morning.
  • She’s been really good with her new baby dolls. She likes to get the baby a bottle, give them hugs, put them in chairs, dance with them and change their diapers. She also puts them to bed often before nap time or bed time. They also get to go down the slide often, usually head first and on their tummy, those daredevils.
  • She does walk up and down the stairs standing up on her own.
  • She likes sidewalk chalk but its best purpose is for rolling down the hill.
  • She likes coloring of all kind. Finger paints, with brushes, crayons, chalk, bath tub crayons, etc. She’s been really into lately and asks me join with with “Color Mama”.
  • The building blocks and playdoh are also still hot commodities right now.
  • She has really enjoyed a bowl of cereal with milk shared with her Dada in the morning. That’s become their new routine.


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