Home Work

This past weekend was an accomplished weekend to say the least. We had no plans to do so but ended up completely overhauling the living room and garage. This was the majority of our time spent on Saturday, along with taking Reese for walks to throw rocks down catch basins (she finds this fascinating), picking up Thai food from Soi in Capitol Hill and having our usual Saturday morning pancakes. Sunday was a lazy day but ended with a wonderful walk through Capitol Hill and Seattle University in the sunshine. We found a spot to bask in the sun for a bit with our socks and shoes off to run around in the grass. This was all glorious!

So back to this spring cleaning…

Living Room:

We managed to do away with our unused entertainment center, DVD player, DVDs and speakers. We reorganized the living room furniture to make more space for play. We reorganized the bookcase to have a better storage solution for toys and kids books. And we thoroughly cleaned shelves and the like that hadn’t been touched in some time.

The living room rearranged


Bryan moved a bunch of rarely used items to the crawl space beneath the house to free up more space in the garage. This was a lot of heavy lifting. We threw away a bunch of random stuff and broke down cardboard boxes. Bryan was able to condense all of our stuff to one of the shelving units and swept and bleached the floors and voila!!! We have space again in the garage. Now Bryan has room to actually start brewing at home.

The garage all tidied up


Unexciting but I haven’t cleaned my own bathrooms in forever. Got all of these down in less than an hour.

Dining Room:

We swapped the bar and the shoe bin and moved Bryan’s new kegerator next to the bar and wine rack so now we have a full beverage station. Check out this kegerator!

That’s a wrap with our current home projects. Probably don’t have too much left that we need to do, only little projects here and there. We have been so lucky with the weather lately but today it turned and has been dropping rain on the window above our desk all day long. Before the weather turned we did make good use of it. We had our weekly Friday night happy hour outside and grilled up some chicken and asparagus. And Monday night after work we went for a bike ride, picking up Ivar’s fish and chips and eating them on the grass at Gas Works Park before heading back towards home with a down and back on the new 520 bridge bike path. It was glorious!

We have a few days of so-so weather before it gets good again so looking forward to that again!


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