That 15+ Month Old

Fifteen months plus…this month always flies by (Decemeber, not month 15). The past month I think the biggest change has been in Reese’s vocabulary and cognitive understanding. Here are some of the things:

  • She is finally saying “Mom” and “Mama” and is saying it fairly often
  • Although, how she whispers “Dada” is pretty much the cutest thing ever
  • Big fan of Moana and Fitz and the Tantrums still
  • Rode her first carousel and loved it
  • Likes to take ornaments off the tree and especially likes pulling on the ribbon
  • Seriously loves accessories and shoes, her shoe drawer is her favorite
  • No longer minds hats, I think she knows her moose hat is so cute
  • Has been really enjoying her builder blocks these days, especially dumping them all out (but she is getting much better at building towers with them)
  • Added vocabulary words I know she understands now: outside, jacket, shoes, socks, eat, blocks, banana, kiss, hug
  • Has four teeth on top and still just the two on bottom
  • Is no longer terrified of animals unless they are barking or running towards her
  • Sometimes wants to hold hands while walking outside and sometimes refuses
  • She likes to lay and lounge on pillows
  • Easy to nap again
  • She played with her first baby doll and couldn’t stop kissing it
  • She loves to give hugs and kisses and they are just the best
  • When Reese and Lottie kiss each other it is the cutest thing in this whole world
  • She must be center of attention
  • She makes sure the baby gates are closed, and then will wave goodbye to you
  • She can now wear pig tails
  • She still loves her Lottie…


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