These Past Two Weeks…Woof

December hasn’t been as kind as November was to us I feel. First Bryan was under the weather then I was under the weather. Tackle of a bunch of other bad luck I have experienced this week and the fact that I have a work deadline to meet next week and I just wanted to throw my hands up in the air. It’s also the most social time of the year and we have been trying to attend those social activities but maybe to our health’s expense.

Last week was normal enough; we attended the FareStart holiday party on Wednesday and Bryan volunteered while Reese and I dined in for FareStart Guest Chef Night on Thursday. We took it easy on Friday with a big weekend of events ahead.

On Saturday we took our shifts with Reese; first Bryan had men’s group at church and then I went to a doctor’s appointment and then got my nails done in preparation for parties. We worked out together and then got dolled up for the night. My company’s Christmas party was again at the Pacific Tower and I was again on the party planning committee. I had organized casino games for this year’s party and they were so much fun. We hired a blackjack, poker, and craps table for three hours and Bryan and I spent the majority of the time at the craps table, learning the game and having a blast. We enjoyed dinner and drinks, got some photos taken in the photo booth and then bailed pretty quickly after the dancing began.

Sunday morning I was feeling pretty great, shockingly. I was up with Reese and feeling perky. I even survived working in the Toddler Room at church all morning, with Bryan (thank goodness). I was feeling good and energized and took Reese to the park for a long time to play, returned home and started getting ready for Marika’s surprise birthday party when I started to feel queasy. Despite how I was starting to feel we did Reese’s bedtime routine, dressed her in pjs and then headed over to drop her off with Sarah and Lottie. She was pleased, and surprised about the outcome of events, and Bryan and I headed to La Vita e Bella for the party. At this point my energy and tummy were not looking too good and I managed to partake in some of the festivities, eat some food, but ultimately got sick and we headed home on the early side. Bryan did pick up duties, carrying sleeping beauty from crib to car to crib without her waking up and I laid helpless.

I wasn’t feeling much better Monday morning and dropped Reese off at Sarah’s and then spent 3.5 hours sleeping during the day and working a little bit from home. I was feeling better but once Bryan and Reese were back home I had one more wave of nausea before really starting to feel better. Despite feeling some better, my body was still fatigued and so I only spent the morning at work on Tuesday before working the rest of the day at home. I was feeling much better on Wednesday but then developed a horrible skin reaction to a moisturizer I used that caused my face to burn, itch and get read and puffy. Also, our nanny started not feeling well and I left work early, again. Mind you, I have a big deadline by next week to get done and we are headed to Vancouver this weekend.

I’m back today feeling 100% even though I still have sinus stuff going on, but still so much better than I have been for several days now that it feels like 100%. Not only have I spent the full day at work but I am going to FareStart to volunteer for the last Guest Chef Night of the year. We leave for Vancouver tomorrow afternoon for two nights with Billy and Valerie and family and I’m so glad I am feeling (and looking) back to normal. Hopefully the rest of 2019 will treat all of us better.


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