That 14 Month Old

Fourteen months and growing…though she should be growing in size. The past month has surely seen more growth and maturation for Reese but maybe not as blatantly obvious as months previous. But she definitely has a few new tricks up her sleeves:

  • She will fetch things around the house when we name them (balls, bubbles, moose, Wubba, books, etc)
  • Loves to dance! Twirling in circles, stomping and head bopping
  • Likes to carry her shoes around the house and also likes getting into our shoes
  • Has at least three teeth coming in on the top
  • Is in a more observational period when it comes to playing with other kids and playing on the playground
  • Is done with the bottle permanently (and has been for the past month almost)
  • Loves having her hair brushed
  • She is starting to learn to stack things and use nesting toys as they are meant to be
  • Is terrified of animals right now
  • Prefers to walk herself when outside, in lieu of riding in the stroller
  • She likes to have us walk/slide her backwards A LOT
  • Likes sparkling water, still not into cows milk
  • Has a new scream; she can go from 0 to 60 in a second
  • Our easy napping phase may be temporarily over
  • She loves stuffed animals right now; moose, lamb, fox, monkey, etc
  • She’s being super sweet…most of the time
  • She hasn’t been sleeping as well at night
  • Is a fan of chocolate
  • She’s a goof ball and definitely knows how to make people laugh
  • She’s phenomenal in a social setting so getting her around other kids is ALWAYS a plus
  • She is really starting to dig books
  • She still loves her Lottie…

She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t and sticks to her guns on it. I wanted to look at pictures of me as a baby again just to see any comparisons and differences. I think she looks a lot like me when sleeping and when smiling. Reese has lighter hair than I did around this age but I’m not sure if she is going to get the curls because it looks like I already had quite the curls on top at this age. Size-wise we look the same, although it looks like I went through a stockier stage at a younger age and Reese never really had that. These are the pictures that I found that I can really see the resemblance with Reese:


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