Our Second Halloween

Reese’s second Halloween was a great success in my book…or at least my Halloween was a great one from start to finish:

Work went all out for this year’s Halloween. We had a Reese’s Pieces candy count guess for a prize, a spooky Halloween potluck for lunch with tons of sweets and treats and a costume contest with a $100 prize which pretty much got all but about five employees to dress up, and to dress up good everyone did. I wore my Elastigirl Incredibles outfit to work, wig and mask and all.

This was just the group onesie photo at work.

After work, the three of us got ready in our costumes quickly (I was already in mine) and headed over to West Seattle for a party with a bunch of 1-year-olds +/-. There had to have been at least 10 kids plus their parents at one point at our friends Kelsey and Joe’s place. We had some snacks and drinks and the kids played and then we headed out to hit about eight households for Reese’s first trick or treating experience. Which she loved! Reese got the hang of walking up the steps, knocking on the door, grabbing as much candy as she could to put into her bag, and then trying to enter each person’s house, which was pretty funny. She would then yell and run (literally run) to the next house. We came back with a good amount of loot for having only been to a handful of houses. The decorations in West Seattle were quite impressive which made it even more fun for us!

We headed back home a little after 7 pm and Reese got to enjoy one Reese’s peanut butter cup before bed, which she loved. Thankfully she was still able to fall asleep without a problem…though not sure she slept all that well.

The rest of our week has been good. Both of us have been busy at work but work has been good lately. We had a lovely weekend last weekend with a hotel shop stay at the very nice Hyatt Regency at the south end of Lake Washington, right next door to Bryan’s old workplace. We went on Friday night, walked to the Renton Landing from the hotel to get dinner at the new Korean place, Take Five, then picked up a bottle of wine, put Reese to sleep in the hotel room and then enjoyed the wine on the sofas overlooking the lake with a thunderstorm rolling out over the lake. It was awesome!

Saturday morning was Bryan’s weekend shift at work so Reese and I walked to the damp playground next door in the morning, messed around in the very nice fitness facility in the hotel, rode the elevators a bunch of times, walked to the Landing and went to the toy shop just as they were starting Toddler Craft Time (just a coincidence), made a sensory jack o lantern in a Ziploc bag, then headed back to the hotel to meet up with Bryan and go swimming/hot tubbing in their saltwater pool. It was a wonderful start to the weekend!

Sunday was spent with church date, then I played soccer in the sunshine before Bryan and I got to enjoy the start of Seattle Restaurant Week at Sawyer in Ballard while Tina watched Reese for us. It was a wonderful dinner and we thoroughly enjoyed a night out, without having to get a sitter! We each got two cocktails, pork bao buns, wood grilled artichokes, pan seared rockfish, their take on a dilly bar and their tres leches cake. It was all so delicious.

Yum yum!

We’ve had a few nights at home this week, watching the World Series in the background between dinner and games of chase. I had my second week at my women’s life group at church and really do enjoy the night out midweek. And we had no FareStart this week so it was a real unusual Thursday for us. Reese has been solo for the past two weeks as Lottie has been in Indianapolis so Reese has been adventuring to visit cats, go to the zoo, went to library store time once and the tot gym once.

Thankful that it is the weekend again and thankful for the continued sunshine. I’ll take the cooler temps every single day for the amazing sunshine and picturesque views it brings during this time of year. I’d be thankful for the time change this weekend and the extra hour of sleep but I’m not expecting to get any as Reese has woken up at or before 6 am the past three mornings. I have no idea why.

Too early for mommy to function…don’t know how daddy does it.

Happy Halloween and Welcome November!


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