19 for 2019 – Two Thirds (Plus) Through

More than two thirds through the year and that just flew by! Some items on my list are doing great or are at least in progress and others, well…

  1. Run a 10k in an 8:30 pace.
    • Running is still not a major priority of mine but Bryan and I have gotten a few more runs in together, non of really have been outstanding. Reese is pretty good in the jogging stroller and so maybe this is something I will still be able to complete by years end.
  2. Break 140 watts in my 45-minute cycle class.
    • Haven’t been cycling lately, trying to do more strength activities instead.
  3. Read 10 books.
    • I’ve still only read one but would like to start reading right before bed…that way I might be able to successfully read two pages before falling asleep.
  4. Learn to play a song on the guitar.
    • Yikes!
  5. Make 6 girls events happen.
    • Between my mom’s PEPS happy hours that I am the one coordinating and actual Girls Nights, I have actually set up five now. We’ve had three successful PEPS happy hours and then we had another Girls Night where we went to go see Tiny Beautiful Things at the Seattle Rep before getting happy hour at the Citizen Cafe beer garden outside.
  6. Be able to do 5 pull ups/chin ups (if not at once, at least in the same day).
    • I can definitely do one now and have been experimenting with different methods to help me learn to do more in my Wednesday lifting class. I can do five in a row no problem with the assistance of a resistance band.
  7. Visit or spend time with Chad.
    • Chad came to visit us and we spent some time together at the cottage. Would still like to visit him in Cinci but not sure when we can do that.
  8. Do 10 hikes.
    • We’ve done four hikes now; one in Arizona, one in Colorado and two big ones in Washington.
  9. Go on a vacation just the three of us (at least a total of 5 nights throughout the year).
  10. Visit 5 new restaurants to try.
    • There have been six we have tried: Cantina Lena, Red Cow, Nue, Junebaby, Due Italiana, and Central Smoke.
  11. Baby proof and de-clutter the house.
    • We’ve certainly made progress but still have some work to go. Outlets are all sealed away and I ordered cabinet locks to secure the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
  12. Go to a concert.
    • We have tickets for the Fitz and the Tantrums concert coming up in a few weeks.
  13. Re-learn our lindy hop dance.
  14. Get in one self-care day/night per month.
    • I’ve done pretty good on this with a few massages and a few mani-pedis (all thanks to Groupon).
  15. Get in one date day/night per month.
    • I’d say we have done okay with this too. We have attended all of our Seattle Rep plays, have had a few dinners out just the two of us, and got some time just the two of us for both Claire and Amy’s weddings. We have a sitter lined up for our upcoming anniversary for whatever we decide to do that night.
  16. Limit social media and cell phone usage to 30 minutes every night after 5 pm.
    • Most days I have done well with this. There have only been a handful of days where I have spent too much time on my phone.
  17. Become more involved with our church beyond attendance
  18. Get Reese a passport
  19. Eat dinner at the table at least once a week.
    • It fluctuates week by week on how we do with this. I think we could be a little more persistent with this and help baby girl with eating real foods in her high chair along with us.


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