Our 11 Month Old!

We. Are. Almost. To. A. Year. And that seems to have happened so fast and it is both joyous and sad at the same time. Where did my baby go? She definitely is so much different than she was even a month or two ago and she seems so much older and more childlike than an infant. Her personality is ever growing and she is as active as ever.

  • She said “Dada” for the first time.
  • The shrieks and shrills that come from her mouth as soon as she sees a playground now are hilarious and horrifying. I’m waiting for the day when she sees a park and we don’t have time to stop and play.
  • Swings rank supreme over every other playground equipment at the moment.
  • The kiddie pool is still a big hit but if you want her to be outside without getting into the pool you better have a darn good barricade set up.
  • She is a tough cookie, there is very little that happens to her that causes her to cry from “pain”.
  • There are days when she is an avid eater and days when she still spits out all of her food. Certainly she has a sweet tooth. Her favorite things lately are generally whatever we are eating but she really likes these egg and banana pancakes that I make (with just those two ingredients), spicy pad kee mao noodles to my surprise, and she likes tomatoes. She’s a strange kid. She also loves peanut butter!
  • She loves to ride the toy rocking horse. She knows where the noise comes from but hasn’t yet been able to make the noise herself by pushing the button.
  • Bath time is still a favorite and she knows our script and starts bouncing when we start chanting “bath time”.
  • She loves to ride our backs around the house.
  • Bare Necessities is still a crowd favorite.
  • She got her first tooth on July 11th and her second bottom tooth starting coming in last Friday. Now we just have a bazillion more to go.
  • She loves, loves, loves being outside. Don’t tease her by going outside to get something and then coming back inside.
  • She’s lately been doing the inch worm on the floor for whatever reason.
  • She’s protesting hats quite adamantly.
  • She’s at least more stationary during both changing her diaper and clothes and during bath time so that is a definite plus. Glad she got the roly poly chase out of her system.
  • Stairs are still the natural attraction around the house.
  • She gives Lottie the “Reese Treatment” more times than we would like in a day. Her obsession with Lottie is ever growing.


2 thoughts on “Our 11 Month Old!

  1. Baby girl is busy getting teeth and taking steps. Read your blog and talked to mom last night. Growing up fast!

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