Date Nights – Us Three

Since being back from New Orleans, all three of us have had to rest and recover. Baby girl got sick and didn’t really start feeling herself until the beginning of this week. I got something of whatever she got in terms of sinus and congestion and that is still lingering for me this week but at least the aches and any fatigue has gone away. And Bryan came back to stress and tension at work that took a toll on him and fortunately this week has been more positive and less stressful. All three of us were a pretty fair bunch this past weekend but with new and renewed spirits we have quite enjoyed our week I’d say.

I think it all really started on Sunday. See, Friday and Saturday, baby girl was still not sleeping well due to the congestion and cough waking her up and her need to be held and cuddled pretty much required me to go to bed when she did, in bed with her. Now, I leave me some Reese cuddles, but having to go to bed with her and not get any R&R in the evening was cramping my style and making it a little more stressful in the morning for what I didn’t get done the night before. Saturday night we did have a fun time at our old stomping grounds of Eastlake before all this went down.

Sick Reese but still smiling.

Sunday we were scheduled in the Toddlers Room at church for the second service (they had two services this year for Easter). We both were less than enthused about it but we lucked out and got the much, MUCH less attended service and really just played with Reese and another older girl. Our Easter afternoon was spent spring cleaning to prepare for our friends coming over for a combined Easter dinner and Game of Thrones watching party. We had 10 over, with us that made 12 adults, and somehow we all fit around our table. It was a sight and I wish I had a picture of it but bless our friends for smushing in and taking a seat at our table for Easter. I made a porchetta roast, roasted carrots, potato gratin, and roasted asparagus and we also had friends bring over a salad, Easter bread, and brownies for dessert. After dinner, we settled into the first two episodes of GoT, which Reese thought she was being watching and gave everyone quite the show.

So our friends and overcoming baby girl’s sickness did rejuvenate us to kick off a rare full work week. It wasn’t all work, work, work though. We took a walk the three of us downtown on Tuesday and finished the night picking up a pizza from Pagliacci’s. We went to a happy hour at Maslow’s for our favorite FareStart staff member’s departure. After some snacks and drinks we walked with baby girl to Din Tai Fung in Pacific Place to have an awesome dumpling-filled dinner thanks to mystery shopping. Baby girl SO enjoyed her walk to and from the restaurant with us and was giggling the whole way. And instead of FareStart this week, we once again took the week off and had a nice dinner at home instead. We’ll be back on the FareStart calendar starting next week…as should the regular restaurant be back in business after their face lift.

Now Bryan is off to Arizona to surprise his dad for his 70th birthday and us girls have to find some things to do…I’m sure we will.



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