While Dad is Away the Girls Will Play

And that we did this past weekend while Bryan was spending time with his dad in Arizona. Reese was in a pretty fine mood most all of the weekend, making job a whole lot easier, and we had a good time. That doesn’t mean we aren’t thrilled to have Bryan back! The weather certainly made having fun more conducive and we spent a good deal of time outside in various forms and fashions.

I got home Friday afternoon with the sun out and some energy to burn. After saying goodbye to her friend Lottie and the nanny we got our running gear on and set out from our house for some fresh air. The Arboretum was pretty quiet (which is a good thing for me but boring for Reese, she’s a people person) and I managed to do the 4 mile loop and the hills! We came home, made dinner, played and then it was bed time.

Super into the run!

Saturday, we had plans to rev up girl time with a visit to Polly’s. We picked up coffees on our way over and spent from about 10 am – 4 pm making candles, watching TV, catching up and eating lunch. It was a good time spent with Polly. We came home and set out for a walk. We stopped for some snacks at Grocery Outlet on our way to the park, we swung on the swings, we picked up some ready made dinner at Safeway and ate it in the little “park” before coming back home, talking to Daddy and going to bed. It was a full day and Reese was into it!

Sunday was a beautiful day from start to finish. We had a lazy morning at home before hitting up the stroller for another run; this time at Seward Park. I decided to push myself and start at the row house like we used to. The first three miles went really well for me and then baby girl decided she wanted to be carried and not along for the ride. I carried her and pushed the stroller for another mile before we hit the playground and she let loose in the park for a bit watching the other kids. She was ready to finish the last two miles strong and fell asleep where she remained asleep during the ride home, at home while I quickly showered and got ready, and back in the car to drive to Seapine Brewing Company for our birth class reunion outing, and then proceeded to sleep for another 30 minutes while there. I enjoyed their Milk Stout and getting to catch up with two of the other babies and couples that came out. We had a good time trading stories and seeing the babies play together (once Reese was finally up that is…she was in an unusual mood though). We left right as the Mariners were getting out so traffic was no fun and we picked up an easy dinner at Veggie Grill to enjoy at home. Reese was in a great mood for the rest of the night at home and we played for awhile before doing our last solo bedtime routine.

Back at work today so Reese is back with her friend Lottie and the nanny and we have plans to go to dinner before picking Bryan up at the airport late tonight. The house will no longer be female only with daddy home and our friend Jeff bunking with us for a few nights during while his own rental unit saga is ongoing.


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