Uncle Chad

This past weekend, while we were still recovering from a week of being sick, on top of already being lame parents, we hosted Uncle Chad for a few nights. It went by quick and seems like I was just picking him up late Thursday night and he has already left. Chad’s friends Paul and Selman were visiting friend Jordan as well so the crew was in true form this weekend. In addition, we had great Seattle March weather that lent itself to fun inside and out.

With having to miss so much work last week I couldn’t take any time off on Friday like I would have liked but thankfully Jordan could and the two guys went snow shoeing up at Snoqualmie Pass. It sounds like they got a killer work out in although they weren’t able to make it to Annette Lake like planned and didn’t really get the great views either. Chad made it back in time to get a nice steak dinner with the three of us at Daniel’s Broiler, overlooking Lake Union. It was gorgeous out and we had a great meal and thanks to mystery shopping cost $20 instead of $340. It was nice to be able to treat Chad a bit. We dropped him off to party the night away with the gang and we went back and crashed.

Saturday morning I went to go wedding dress shopping with Polly up in North Seattle and dropped Chad off to play some basketball with the group in the meantime. Poor Bryan had to work the morning and we met back at home in the early afternoon. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather to meet the crew at Pike’s Market that afternoon by walking there. Unfortunately, their gym time took longer than expected so the market didn’t happen but we were able to catch up with them all at Cactus in South Lake Union. We arrived just in time for the end of happy hour and all ordered drinks and a bunch of food. Reese was in her party element and quite enjoying her time. Just before her bedtime we said goodbye to the gang as they headed to Centurylink for the FC Cincinnati vs. FC Seattle Sounders soccer game and we bused home to put girly squirrly to bed.

Sunday morning came and we figured the group would be slow to rise from their nighttime events again. We were right. We decided to head to church for the first time in a few weeks for their Vision Day. Still no word from the boys after so we headed home for lunch and watched the Michigan vs. Maryland basketball game at home. We didn’t actually meet up with them until about 6 pm. We caught up with Chad for a while before putting Reese to bed and then all of the guys came over. They stayed until about 8:30 pm when they left to take Chad to the light rail and get dinner. It was good to see Chad in my city, even for such a brief visit. He got to see Reese in action and I even landed her on him in front of his friends at one point…she didn’t seem to mind him too much.

Night bus

This week is my only full week for a month! It will be good to have a little bit of normalcy before taking off for my next trips.


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