And Then There Were Two…

I’m leaving for three nights and four days and sooooooooooo anxious about! I know that Bryan is a great dad but Reese can be a handful and has lately been very preferential to certain people (ahem, Mom) so I just get anxious and sad that I won’t see her face for a few days. But I am also confident that they will be fine and have fun together and I think this trip will be good for everyone; I will get a little freedom and self care as well as hopefully some sleep, Bryan and Reese should get some good bonding time and I am thinking it could maybe, MAYBE, even help Reese’s whole sleep situation if she doesn’t sense me there ready to feed her at every waking moment in the night. Fingers crossed!

Since Chad left we have all been on the mend. All three of us have been recovering from sinus problems but all of us are now feeling much better. To get ready for my trip I have taken just a bit of time out of work (I’ve been slow the past two weeks) to get my hair cut, my nails done and other pre-trip necessities taken care of. Reese and I volunteered at FareStart for Community Dinner together which was a lot of fun and then we were back the next night to dine in while Bryan volunteered. I’ve missed the restaurant the past few weeks so it was good to be back, even twice in one week.

New do

We walked to the International District in the glorious weather on Saturday and got a fun and filling lunch at Mongolian Hot Pot just the three of us to fill our bellies and then Sunday was a full day of church, our first run with the Bob two times around Seward Park (still amazing weather) and then going over to our friend Deana’s annual Pi Day Party. She holds a sweet and savory pie competition and I made a friend’s (and expert pie makers) recipe of a chicken, leek and tarragon pie for the party with homemade crust but I just can’t win this pie competition! It was still so great to be social and all of the pies were delicious!

Reese has been sleeping better the past several nights, waking 2-3 times instead of 4-6 times in the middle of the night. She has also been super cute! Her repertoire of noises has expanded and she just keeps getting cuter. She has been in a great mood as well. Watching her on the Nest cam while I am at work and she is working hard at learning to walk…she spends about 90% of her time during the day practicing standing with the assistance of the couch, the ottoman, a person, you name it. I’ll miss her sweet smiling face so much the next few days I don’t know how I am going to manage but it will help to have some fish tacos, margaritas, ocean swimming and girls to distract me for a while.


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