Two To Go

It’s two weeks until our due date and that just blows my mind.  I honestly feel like life has just continued normally, maybe with a little more discomfort, but fortunately not with really any lack of energy or zest.  Which is a very good thing because we have still had plenty to do around the house and out of the house.

Progress around the house includes:

  • Getting our glider/rocker and setting up the station where I will be spending a good deal of time the next several weeks.  I LOVE the look of the glider that we got and it is so incredibly comfortable.

    I love this chair already.
  • Hanging the shelves and starting to set up some decor in the baby’s room.  I’m not too rushed about this anymore, now that I really realize that baby won’t be sleeping in this room for quite some time.

    Cute sign
  • We got a 2nd base and the attachment for our infant carrier to our Bob stroller on Craigslist for a steal.  We will secure the 2nd base in the Jeep when it is needed.
  • I have gone through our pantry and tried to toss old/unwanted things and reorganize the rest.  I also purchased more organizational accessories for the kitchen and bathrooms from Zulilly to help me feel less cluttered around the house and free up more space.
  • We packed our hospital bags (which means that our diaper bags are now also prepped) to have at the ready.
  • I finally finished a cross stitch and have it framed.  Feels good to have one done but not good knowing that I have two more.

    I need to get white cardboard to hide the window box but otherwise one is done!
  • Got batteries for all of the things that need them and worked on figuring out how to use each item.
  • Got the diaper pail ready to go and I love the bright mint color!

    Mint diaper pail.
  • Bryan bought new smoke detectors and we decided to go all out and get some of the Nest smoke detectors and temperature controls for the home.
  • Purchased the last must-have (diaper changing pad) for the baby’s room with the gift card money from the company-hosted baby shower.

Progress outside the house includes:

  • Bryan had a doctor’s appointment and got his T-DAP shot.
  • Bryan enjoyed a happy hour and climb at Seattle Bouldering Project with the guys after work on Tuesday night.
  • We had a baby shower at work on Wednesday afternoon.  Bryan came to the shower and we enjoyed some snacks, games, and Bryan got to see the new office.  It was a good turn out from the company and we were given some gift cards to complete our registry.
  • We got dinner at the FareStart Community Dinner after the baby shower on Wednesday.  It was a great Indian themed dinner (my second Indian meal of the week).  Bring on the spicy food.
  • I seriously enjoyed this delicious lunch for my last MealPal before baby’s arrival (I have it on hold until November).
  • We had a fairly busy night at FareStart on Thursday for Volunteer Park Cafe.  I really enjoyed the summery menu of crispy breaded branzino, corn bisque, fresh tomato salad, and peaches and cream.  I also got to see my friend Abby who was in town for just a short time as she volunteered for the night.
  • We had another doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning and everything is still looking good.  Baby measured at 36 cm with a heartbeat in 130s.  Doctor felt and commented that baby isn’t a big baby, which is good, but definitely big enough.  Also, still positioned head down with its back on my right side.
  • To beat the heat on the last hot day (and last day of the hottest July on record) I tried one of the Freeze’s at Pressed Juicery for a healthy sweet treat (chocolate base is made of nuts, dates and cocoa).
  • We spent Friday night with friends.  We first went to visit Anne and Phillip and their new baby and dropped off a care basket with them.  While we were in West Seattle we went to our FareStart friend Holly’s birthday party at an apartment rooftop.  We had some amazing food of kalbi ribs, Korean chicken and a variety of salads and played a few games of pool before heading back home.
  • This weekend was the well-loved SeaFair weekend in Seattle and essentially our anniversary weekend.  The Blue Angels were practicing the end of last week and the Navy ships pulled into the harbor on Tuesday.  We got out and watched the show both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was spent at Madrona Park floating in a floatilla with the crew and that was an absolute blast.  We got a ton of sun but are already on the recovery.  Sunday after church Bryan and I got a great brunch at Macrina Bakery in Queen Anne before walking to the I-90 bridge to watch the airshow from the bridge.
  • Official anniversary and dinner to come today.


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