Nursery/Guest Room Remodel and Organization

Like the garage, I don’t have before pictures of the guest room.  Let’s just say though that it was pretty bare, at least from the outside.  It was mainly a guest bed, armoire (filled with way too many linens and blankets we never used), a small closet filled with sleeping bags, suitcases, and other odds and ends, a lamp and a small nightstand that was old and not very chic.  The bedding was from 2011, when I first moved to Seattle.  It wasn’t going to win any design challenges or organization awards.

In the past two months though we have slowly started to make it a more comfortable and thought-out nursery and guest bedroom…

I got a new duvet cover set and pillows, along with brand new white sheets to overhaul the bedding.

New duvet cover and pillows.

We bought and built a large dresser with many shelves that will serve as our clothes, diapers, and toiletries storage as well as our changing table.

New dresser that will also serve as our changing table. Also a new lamp and a diaper warmer that I got for free from the Facebook Buy Nothing group.

We bought and built a storage unit for the closet with the pull-out cloth bins to store toys, books and other fun baby stuff.

Storage unit for closet. Cloth drawer bins for easy pullout we got at IKEA.

We moved the old night stand (which is really a filing cabinet anyways) to the office to use as a filling cabinet and pushed the guest bed against the wall to make room for the dresser and crib.  And we built the crib this morning, put on our crib sheet and voila!

New crib and mattress with gray chevron sheet and blanket.

Please also note the adorable newborn pants we bought in Prague that are just too cute to put away right now.

I mean, c’mon.

And here are the expecting parents with the near finished baby room.  Still working on the decor bit but that can wait.  It’s still a small room but I’m happy we can still multi-purpose it and is still functional.


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