Post Vacation Recovery

It’s funny how sometimes you feel like you need a vacation when you get back from vacation.  Jet lag causes some of this and then there is just the brutal realization that you still work at a job that requires far too many hours to be put in each week.  Add to this the feeling that we have a good deal to do between now and baby comes and BAM! that relaxed feeling of having been on vacation quickly dissipates.  That was last week for me and Bryan.

Since being back from vacation we have slowly, SLOWLY, gotten back to a Pacific Time Zone schedule.  This means that we are slowly getting back to our normal bed time and slowly starting to wake up later each day.  We still were up pretty early each day this past weekend.  Our appetite has slowly adjusted as well.  I’m back to smaller more frequent (and manageable) meals a day and a little less walking than we were doing in Europe.  But I’m still trying to keep my step count up a bit.

Bryan has gone for a few runs in the nice weather and I went to one barre class and one of my last cycle classes for the summer.  We kept busy at FareStart on Thursday for a German (ugh) meal by Aldstadt restaurant.

We walked to the Mariner’s game on Saturday for a fun night at the ballpark with Tina and David on my company’s tickets.  The weather was awesome for a baseball game and the Mariners defeated Tampa Bay, keeping them 1st in their division.  We will see how long the Mariners can hold onto this winning record.

Baseball game and great seats!

And we got back to church after three weeks off on Sunday and Sunday night we got a mystery shop dinner at Eureka for some delicious burgers at the bar to watch the NBA finals.

Our main tasks for June were: finish nursery and pick out a family car.  The nursery is nearly finished.  As I posted earlier, we just have little decoration items to finish up the room.  It’s looking great and I can really start to visualize a little one sleeping in there now.  That has my mind at ease.  We also got the carpets cleaned (something I like to do annually for who knows what reason).

We went car shopping together Saturday and Sunday (and Bryan even went on Friday too).  We had started with about six serious possibilities and we have narrowed that down to about two.  After test driving vehicles at Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, and Ford, we are leaning towards the Honda CR-V and the Mazda CX-5.  The Ford Edge was a top contender but we would probably want the next 2019 model that we just can’t wait for, so that one is pretty much now out of the running.  Having never picked out a car before or test-drove a vehicle, this task wears me out.  I’m sure it excites some people but unfortunately not me.  I’m just glad that our indecisive selves have eliminated quite a few options, and for very valid and logical reasons.

This week is an exciting week for us on the baby side of things.  We start our childbirth classes on Wednesday night and these will last for seven weeks.  We have our monthly doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning with our lab test for gestational diabetes.  I am sitting down with my HR Manager to discuss the maternity leave.  And on Saturday, we have our friend’s baby’s couple shower party who are due just 4-5 weeks before us and I am interested and curious to hear about how she has been doing, see their baby room, etc.

The countdown continues to speed ahead.




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