Filler Weeks

These two weeks between trips have been filler weeks but filled with things to do, both at work, socially, and at home.  It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since being back from San Diego and getting ready for Europe.  Fortunately, we had all our accommodations and flights booked for Europe already and I had already researched a lot about things to do, so that stuff was pretty much out of the way.  The focus was definitely catching up with work and preparing for the work that would be missed over two weeks of vacation…whether we want to work or not.

But aside from work, there was a lot of social things going on.  We wanted to see the latest musical that Valerie is playing in at the Village Theater in Everett and needed to do so before we left.  We saw the original musical, String, Friday night after getting a great Italian dinner marina-side with their family in Everett before the show.  Bryan had a little different format of a men’s group this week; not at church but at one of the guys house, complete with margaritas in celebration of Cinco De Mayo.  We had our usual church service one weekend and two FareStart nights.  We enjoyed a crazy rich and filling meal for the May Sunday Feast at Tavolata with some of our FareStart friends.  This month featured a full heritage pig and the menu was stellar!

To work off some of this splurging that has carried over from the last vacation and is leading us right into the next vacation, Bryan has really put an emphasis on exercise; getting in a few runs, a few rows and a few weightlifting  sessions at home.  I have managed to get to my cycling class a few times as well.  I’m thinking that I will continue ClassPass for this month and maybe (MAYBE) June, before suspending my membership until a few months after baby is born.  I’ve been trying to keep my walking up because it is good for me, the weather is nice, and want to keep my feet and legs in shape to thoroughly enjoy Europe.  However, this walking speed is certainly a touch slower these days.

I’ve managed lots of sleep and just really still feel like a much more relaxed human being post-San Diego.  We are trying to limit TV time to after 9 pm (or 8 pm if we had a long day at work) and so far this week was a success.  I managed to finish reading a book for leisure for the first time in a long time.  I thoroughly enjoyed Give a Girl a Knife and would recommend it to anyone, particularly anyone from the Midwest.  It was a book right up my alley and literally I felt like I was reading about myself at some points (minus being a chef)!  We also really enjoyed the movie The Post and LOVED The Greatest Showman.  And I have more hobbies set and ready to go to enjoy in my immobile state post-Europe.

And to round out the two weeks we visited a daycare center (and got on their waiting list) and had our monthly doctor’s appointment for May.  Still nothing really to report from the doctor.  Growth and heartbeat seem to be on target.  And Bryan felt the baby kick for the first time while we were in San Diego and has felt it a few more times since so that has been pretty exciting!  Belly is now starting to pop but I think the thing that fascinates us both the most is the popping out of the belly button.  I don’t know why but that little change seems so weird to me.

Baby bump before travels….although it is growing by the day.

We fly to Europe on Sunday!  I’m sure we will be posting pics and will be able to use texts, calls and data internationally, thanks to T-Mobile, but probably will not be posting until after our return.



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