Garage Remodel and Organization

I don’t have before pictures of the garage but for anyone that had ever seen our garage you wouldn’t recognize today.  I wanted to feature what an amazing job Bryan has done organizing what is actually a very spacious garage to store all of our fun toys.

Bryan bought a ski rack and has hung our skis against the wall…

Ski rack

He bought a bike rack for two bikes and has hung these against the wall…

Bike rack

He bought a few large shelving units that are very sturdy.  One is to organize our camping and hiking gear…

Camping gear
Hung bags

The other shelving unit is to store our miscellaneous household items like paper toiletries, picnic supplies, vases and random housewares and Christmas stuff…

Misc stuff

We are utilizing the existing workstation for all tools…

Looking into the garage. Look at the floor!
Other misc household stuff


It is literally too good to be true in my opinion.  We might actually have to store Scoot Scoot in here for the next year of its one-year sabbatical (I’m not allowed to ride it anymore…per Bryan).


One thought on “Garage Remodel and Organization

  1. Bryan is quite the organizer. Good job. Will enjoy reading my new book. Thank you so much. Love, grandma.

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