Month Five

This past month has still been smooth sailing in terms of baby making but I feel like there has been a little more action and progress than the following months…at least progress that is noticeable.  We just checked in with our doctor for the monthly appointment and essentially a summary of the past month is:

  • Babies heartbeat is still sounding strong
  • My weight is up by about 4-5 pounds since last month
  • Blood pressure still low
  • My energy has been up and steady, although I do feel I hit a wall late at night just recently
  • I’ve felt pretty darn normal in all my normal activities, including exercise
  • I feel my heart skip or flutter a little bit more often
  • Still no firm signs of movement from baby but I still have this bubbly feeling that I get mostly on my left side from time to time, most noticeable while sitting at work
  • Sometimes noticeable swelling around ankles at the end of the day
  • Heartburn and indigestion still definitely there after large and/or late in the evening dinners and digestion has slowed wayyyyy down
  • Appetite holding steady from last month
  • Headaches haven’t been common this month
  • Easter weekend I had some stomach pains/cramps but fortunately those went away
  • Belly has started its rounding and to me is noticeable
  • Middle region is feeling tighter in clothes but can still fit into all pants, albeit not comfortably all the time
  • Still having some lower back pain during long periods of sitting

We keep on rolling, this week moving into Week 23 which means baby is about 8 in long and 1 pound in weight.  In the meantime we have not talked anymore about names but do talk to and touch baby more.  We have made good progress in nursery, signed up for childbirth classes, and infiltrated our registry on babylist.com for most things.  We’ve also booked the all-important R&R just-the-two-of-us trips (that I refuse to call a Baby Moon, because I refuse to admit I’m a Millennial and I don’t like the name) that should provide us enough excitement and adventure solo before the last remaining months we wait out for the arrival of baby this summer.  And to also get us the heck out of dodge during what can often be a much-too-long and chilly spring here in Seattle.  The calendar keeps rolling…


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