Sun Breaks

Last weekend continued to bring showers and that oh-so-lovely Seattle spring weather but we finally may have received a long overdue break in the rain showers, cool weather and high winds.  Very hopeful but, regardless, San Diego and sun…t-minus one week.

Not looking bad!

The past weekend felt uneventful, with me pouting about the exam for the last time, but it wasn’t that uneventful.  Bryan played touch football in the rain, got brunch at Neighbor Lady, then went bowling withe the boys for David’s 30th birthday.  I did stuff around the house, rowed, then cleaned up to join a large group for Mexican dinner at La Cocina y Cantina in Capitol Hill.  We closed out the night, walking to Hula Hula, for tiki drinks and karaoke for some before heading home.  It downpoured all day long and I guess was still rather uneventful for me.  Bryan and I spent Sunday going to church, getting a delicious brunch at Rhein Haus (making me excited for Eastern European food), and then really lazying it up the rest of the afternoon and evening (we did finish taxes and booked a few accommodations for Europe).

The week has been similar to the past several.  I managed to get to cycling class on Monday.  We had our Volunteer Appreciation party at FareStart with our good friends on Tuesday.  I finally got to catch up with Marika but she had to cancel the mani-pedi appointment we had.  I still treated myself to a mani-pedi because I could use it for San Diego and I’m going to treat myself as much as I can before baby arrives (although I hope to not let that completely go out the window once baby is here).  I made it to another girls night (after skipping last week) for some gentle yoga stretching.  We had a sold-out night at FareStart with Ethan Stowell and Holland America in the house and salmon on the menu.

And now we have one more weekend ahead of us with another birthday party before leaving on a jet plane to San Diego.


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