Marching On

We continue to move forward with the year and what it brings with every new week and month.  Enter March.  February is always so short, it just seems to fly by.  Certainly as we approach March we are getting a bit more sun, there are more buds and blossoms blooming and the birds are out there chirping.  We are now only exactly 6 weeks from the first day of my exam.  Eeek.

Our weekend came and went as they all do.  We had a great dinner at Din Tai Fung in Bellevue before catching the highly-rated Black Panther movie at Cinemark.  We were battling the pesky little ants when we returned home and a good portion of Saturday.  Saturday was mostly spent studying and cleaning for me while Bryan was out wine tasting with the FareStart crew.  And Sunday we took a long walk to get lunch at Araya Thai in Madison Valley before continuing on through Madison Park and back.  We concluded the weekend with an impromptu bake of what came out as an exceptional apple pie with inspiration coming from the granny smith apples we have had on hand and watching a few episodes of the Great British Baking Show.

Delicious dinner at Din Tai Fung
Excellent movie

The week, like usual, was quite packed with activities.  I managed to get my fifth class in on ClassPass before the month of February ended with a good barre class Monday night.  We had tickets to see Hamilton with Karen and Holly (from FareStart) at the Paramount on Tuesday night and loved it!  We met at FareStart beforehand for the hosted happy hour for the outgoing CEO at FareStart for the past 18 years before getting more snacks at Market Hall before heading to the theater at 7:30 pm.  Late night for us and I’ve been singing the tunes and thinking about the play ever since.

Simply amazing!

Wednesday I managed to study a bit before heading over with the newly engaged Polly to a Yelp preview event of a new event space in Belltown called Vue Lounge.  We got to sample some drinks and food (well Polly got to sample my drink portions for me) and enjoyed the karaoke machine, DJ, and blackjack tables.  It was a fun night that got my head out of the study grind.

Thursday was your typical FareStart but with an outstanding Japanese-inspired bento dinner creation from one of the chefs from Tulalip Casino.  And we have hit another Friday and don’t have too much on the agenda for the weekend…said me every Friday for the past two months.

Bento box delicacies; chicken karaage, pork meatballs, rice, carrot and burdock root, cucumber salad with crab, spinach gomae.


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