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Month of Thanks

This is the month for celebrating how thankful we are for friends, family, God, food, peace, etc.  And that we are.  But I’m also not thankful for rain, football losses, and more rain.  I’m a little worried that it’s going to rain the whole time we are in Kauai.  No one told me that was the rainiest of the islands…during the rainy season.  Oh well, I guess if there are at least some sun breaks and warm weather I’ll be okay.  There will still be food, family and fun.

This week leading up to Hawaii has done pretty much nothing but rain, except for Saturday thankfully where we actually caught some sun and Bryan and I were able to enjoy our run around Seward Park in pleasant weather.  24 hours later I was playing soccer in essentially a downpour, but we won 2-0 with one assist by me.  In addition to activity we watched a lot of football, enjoyed the holiday harvest bash at Novelty Hill for the last wine party of the year, went to church, and made a few good meals at home.

Neither of us are packed so that will be the main priority tonight with a very, very early departure in the morning to go to Hawaii!  We have excursions booked and a few meals planned for our condo and I’m beyond excited.  Even if it does rain everyday…


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