Week Recap

Fridays We Celebrate

Last week was a good week for the Millers…we had a very balanced schedule of friends and fitness, throw in two promotions and raises and Bryan’s first expo experience running the FareStart kitchen for Guest Chef Night with his own work group serving the restaurant no less, and that is a summary of our week.

But let’s start with Bryan because his recognition came first.  Tuesday afternoon Bryan was promoted to a Level 4 Engineer with a good bump and his praises sung.  Well deserved indeed!

Promotion #1

Thursday afternoon my turn came with my annual review and a promotion to Project Engineer and also a good bumpy.  I was pleased.

Promotion #2

Thursday night was FareStart as usual, but what was unusual about it was that Bryan’s group from Boeing were the community volunteers serving the tables and Bryan was the head of the helm, calling out orders to the students and chefs, Gordon Ramsey-like.  Bryan did a good job running the kitchen smoothly and directing his boss’ boss to deliver the food to the tables.  We sat down with his group for a delicious dinner of a persimmon and kale salad, lamb ragu with fresh pasta and a pumpkin blondie.

One good looking group and my cutie in the back.

So after a great week for the both of us Bryan and I met at Heartwood Provisions, downstairs of my office, for happy hour to celebrate.  We each had two delicious cocktails and a variety of “small” plates, that were not small but filling and delicious.  We called it an early night as the great week had exhausted us.  Saturday and Sunday were both wet and rainy days.  Bryan and I spent the morning cleaning before Bryan rowed and I went for a rainy run.  We met back at the house, cleaned up and prepped before our friends Philipp and Sara came over for dinner.  We had a good night wine-ing and dine-ing and catching up.  It was a late night to bed and a difficult time getting up the next morning.  Sunday morning we headed to church before getting brunch at our first-date-place at Both Ways Cafe.  Brunch was delicious as usual.  The rest of Sunday was a rest day for us; a little football, dinner, and Bryan finishing off Grandma’s cookies.

Dinner goodies during our celebration!

Last full week for us before we leave for Hawaii.  Both of us are so ready to hit the road…especially with the wet and windy weather we are expecting here in Seattle.


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