Tough weekend for my teams.

  1. Michigan loss to Michigan State
  2. Bryan and Chelsea loss in tennis
  3. Chelsea’s soccer team loss
  4. Fantasy Football team loss (nail biter)

So apparently instead of getting better at winning I’m getting better at being a “good sport”.  My luck has definitely turned it seems but oh well.  At least the Seahawks and Texas won for us.  Aside from losses in sports Bryan and I have continued to enjoy the early fall weeks.  Last week we enjoyed a hilarious rendition of Pride and Prejudice at the Seattle Rep with Polly and Ryuhei.  We got drinks and dinner with them at the Tin Lizzie Lounge beforehand and enjoyed the 2.5 hour show from beginning to end.  We got clobbered in tennis on Wednesday but fortunately the misery only lasted an hour and we were soon happy and laughing over a great meal at Eastlake Bar and Grill, lakeside views at Oktoberfest dinner specials.

Sip sip
Thought it would be ho-hum but it was fantastic!

Thursday was a slow but chaotic and absolutely delicious night at FareStart with the Cafe Vita All Star group of chefs.  Short ribs, pork loin salad, and an apple rosemary galette to welcome fall.  We spent Friday and Saturday night not doing much at all.  We did watch The Big Sick which was incredibly good and a bit emotionally overwhelming (but in a good way).  And we also started watching Glow on Netflix which is very enjoyable…and then we decided that we need to take a break from TV.  Thus….

  1. TV moved back to the workout room from the bedroom.
  2. We spent Sunday afternoon going through some clutter and messes in the house (Bryan worked miracles on the workout room while I went through odds and ends that had piled up around the house)
  3. We vowed to actually start reading before bed on some nights
  4. We are gearing up on a new activity and exercise kick

The weekend ended quite wonderfully.  I finally got a win with the Seahawks which lifted my mood.  I played a fun soccer game but do now have a ginger and bruised ankle.  And Bryan and I enjoyed a visit to the newest Din Tai Fung in the Pacific Place mystery shopping.  Dumplings always ALWAYS make me happy.

Dumplings galore

Back to work for a week of Quality Control (aka mind-numbing tasks that annoy me so).  And the rain is supposed to start tomorrow to be here for some time so I’m less than thrilled about that.  Anyways, here’s to a good week.


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