Fall is Now!

It certainly has felt like fall here for some time now; the leaves are changing all over our neighborhood, the air is crisp although we are still managing to have some sunshiny days, and pumpkin spice everything is in full effect.  We are reconnecting with friends we haven’t seen much all summer long and we actually turned the fireplace on one night.

After a few nights last week of Bryan and I splitting ways to catch up with some friends, we had the WHOLE weekend just the two of us.  We started with some tennis drills, drills, drills to Bryan’s eagerness.  We played at Volunteer Park Friday night after work and it was actually really enjoyable if I do say so myself.  We came back home and tried the first of three meals from the new-to-us home delivery service, Home Chef.  On Friday night’s menu we had delicious steaks with demi glace, green beans and these fun yorkshire puddings (popovers in my opinion).  This all went down well with a good glass of Novelty Hill Malbec.

Saturday morning Bryan went to the church’s men’s group before returning home to make us our banana pancakes and bacon.  Neither of our football team’s were playing this weekend but we still found ourselves watching football a good portion of the day.  It had been forecasting rain all day for Seattle but the skies were blue and clear until about 3 pm so we took the opportunity to go for our favorite run:  Lake Washington Boulevard and Seward Park.  We ran the opposite direction so that after our 6.5 mile run we could play some tennis at Seward Park.  We hit some atrocious balls for about 15 minutes, fatigued from our run, before it started to downpour, something that rarely happens in Seattle.  Our whole drive home was fun in the rain; Bryan with his window down and arm hanging out the window.  Saturday night we made our second Home Chef box.  This time featured simple seared chicken with tzatziki sauce and harissa-roasted cauliflower.  Good dish but Bryan liked my homemade salad addition the most.

And to round out a rather uneventful weekend we had a mildly eventful Sunday.  We got to church nearly on time for a guest pastor’s fantastic service.  We then scooted downtown to find Bryan three new pairs of dress pants at Macy’s that had Bryan sweating by the end of shopping.  Boys!?!  We then stopped into McMenamin’s Six Arms Pub in Capitol Hill for what was a great lunch a la mystery shopping before heading home for about an hour before we dressed up and headed out on foot to the Convention Center for the annual FareStart Gala that despite being scheduled during a home Seahawk’s game (horrible mistake) still managed to raise $1.7 Million.  Pretty remarkable!  Bryan and my contribution to the gala was selling some blinky rings for the golden raffle ticket which meant that we mainly stood, smiled, and chatted with all of the FareStart guests we know while donning as many blinky rings ourselves as we could.  When our shift was over we sampled all of the fantastic appetizers, dined on the volunteer’s dinner in the break room, and then headed to the new Redhook Brewpub in Capitol Hill, on our way home, to catch the 2nd half of the Seahawk’s win over the Colts.

Great lunch at McMenamins

And Monday was a win in the books for Chelsea’s Fantasy team (amen!).  It was a nail-biter but my team pulled it through to win by 4 points.  I did a little victory dance to celebrate (but the blog won’t allow me to post it).  We concluded our first Home Chef box with a delightfully simple dinner of parmesan panko baked salmon with an arugula and tomato salad.

Easy and delicious!

Low key fall weekend if I do say so myself.  I can’t believe it is already October!


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