From Race to Rest

After such a busy weekend racing we really needed more than anything to relax and rest.  However, rest doesn’t always come when you need it, especially when there are things to do and people to see.  Thus, our week was anything but and we still kept pretty busy with both planned and unplanned events.

Monday we prepped for our friends coming over for a Game of Thrones watch party.  We made ribs, pulled pork for sandwiches, mac and cheese, coleslaw, and broccoli salad for our friends.  Bryan finished putting up our deck lights and got the TV ready outside.  Friends came and brought with them lots of beer and Tina and David made an amazing hot blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  We ate, drank and then were ready for the season premiere.  However, we couldn’t get both TVs to play at the same time so everyone ended up piling inside to watch this week’s episode.  And it was a good one.  We stayed up until past 11 pm talking and debating with our last guests, cleaned up a bit and passed out.

Episode 1 from Season 7 was great!

Tuesday was a little bit of the opposite; instead of hosting we were hosted, by Novelty Hill Januik Winery that is.  We had our Summer Cellar Wine Circle Party and for a few hours we enjoyed a catered summer BBQ dinner outside with a live band and all of the tastings we could want while enjoying Andrew and Angela’s company.  I was relaxed and enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

Wednesday was another hosted treat for us in a way.  We won the lottery for the volunteers to get to attend one of three nights for FareStart’s new restaurant Maslow’s soft opening.  They plan to open to the public on Monday and needed to work out the menu, service, and timing.  Bryan was coming from his enjoyable but painful massage that was my birthday gift to him.  We arrived 30 minutes early and each got a cocktail at the bar while we waited for our table to be ready.  We checked out the restaurant interior and were impressed with the ambiance and the theme playing out throughout the space.  Our cocktails were okay but they still need a little work.  We were seated and got to see the menu on offer for the first time.  A lot of things look good and we decided to order the salmon poke to start, the halibut with a side of pea vines for me, the steak with corn salsa and roasted potatoes for Bryan, and then shared the peanut butter and semifreddo dessert.  The starter came out quickly and was very delicious.  Then we started waiting….and waiting….and waiting.

The entrees took forever.  There were definitely some issues on the service line and this was holding up all of the remaining customers in the dining room.  Finally, we received our entrees and sides.  The halibut I really enjoyed.  The smokey tomato butter was delicious and the halibut was well cooked and seasoned.  Bryan’s steak unfortunately was charred on the exterior and was seriously needing some salt.  The sides were okay but by this point we were beyond hungry.  Dessert was another huge hit for us though and we basically licked the plate clean.  We left the restaurant after three hours of dining knowing that the restaurant has potential but also has a good ways to go to get things running smoothly.  We were enjoying ourselves though until we got back to the Jeep to see that someone had broken the passenger side window and took my backpack with my work laptop in it.  Instantly a bummer!  We did what we need to; Bryan filed a claim with his insurance and I filled out a police incident report online.  We took pictures and when all was finished we headed home, again getting to bed well after 11 pm.

So Thursday was a useless day for me at work.  I spent the entire day working with IT to get myself a new laptop and all of the programs that I needed.  Fortunately, everyone at my company was apologetic for the event and didn’t blame me for a stolen laptop.  After a wasted day at work I got a much, much needed mani-pedi in preparation for the wedding we are attending on Saturday and then headed to FareStart.  With Amazon announcing that they will give matching donations up to $1M for the next month, the restaurant was sold out AND we had a 4-course menu instead of three.  It was a busy and hectic night and most all of the volunteers were fatigued by the end of it.  But that meant that we just enjoyed our long dinner and drinks afterwards that much more.  We again didn’t leave the restaurant until after 11 pm.

And for our last day of the week I was beyond excited to get my hair cut after work after a long week.  I also have a doctor’s appointment so my day is ending at 3:30 pm.  Our plan for tonight is to get as much sleep as possible so we can party the night away tomorrow.



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