Wedding Weekends and Watch Nights

This weekend we had some events that we were very much looking forward to.  Especially after the way that last week ended with the Jeep and my work computer.  It was good to finally get a mani-pedi, my hair cut and thumbs up at my doctor’s appointment.  I’m still getting used to my hair cut as it is shorter than I thought it would be and I got longer bangs that I just don’t know how to style but Bryan likes it.  Friday night was spent as a lazy night at home in anticipation of a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday we had brunch in our PJs before picking up the house to get ready for carpet cleaners to come.  I went on what ended up being a way too hot run while Bryan did some weight work in the workout room.  We cleaned up to head via Uber to the waterfront for David and Tina’s wedding.  With such a hot day it was nice to have the cool waterfront breezes to cool us down for their rooftop ceremony.  We got there early and took in the views.  Really stunning in every direction on such a clear day.  The ceremony came and Tina looked beautiful and David looked happy.  The ceremony was short and sweet and after it was over we jumped right in line for a drink to get the party started.  We knew a lot of the wedding guests and were having a great time with our friends.  We were called to dinner which was great and then the dancing begun.  I danced most of the entire time, enjoying the flip flops that were provided.  The whole night was a blast and when the party ended at midnight we called our Uber to head home.

Sunday morning we both woke up slow and tired.  Getting old is rough.  We still managed to clean up enough to go to church.  After service we scooted down to the International District to grab a dim sum brunch just the two of us.  Our 20 minute wait was well worth it and within minutes we had multiple plates of our favorite dim sum items in front of us to dig into.  We certainly got our fill and left stuffed to walk to Safeco Field for the day game vs the Yankees.  It was Bryan’s work morale event and we had pretty cool seats in the shade above home plate.  We saw a good game too.  It was a close one with a fair amount of runs down to the 9th inning and with an opportunity to score tying runs on base the Mariners blew it.  We left the game to head home and finally were able to kick our feet up.

…Then Monday came and not only did we have to go to work but we also were hosting Game of Thrones, and one with a lot of people attending.  Bryan picked up our new Weber Genesis grill from Lowes on his way home and spent his after work hours (1 1/2 hours to be exact) to get it built and working.  I was inside trying to get all of the food prepped for people to come and trying to pick up the house a bit.  This week’s dinner was Greek/Turkish themed and people really chipped in on the food this week and stuck to the theme pretty well.  We grilled up some padron peppers and halloumi and fig skewers for appetizers.  We then had lamb souvlaki and zucchini kabobs to go with homemade pita bread (that little Chloe helped me with), tzatiziki sauce, and a watermelon and feta salad.  In addition to what we made we had a few varieties of Greek salad, hummus and pita chips, and homemade baklava.  For literally working up until people arrived to cooking all of the food once people were already here, we managed to pull it off and people enjoyed eating dinner outside in the beautiful weather.  The show was great and intense and we already have 2 of 7 episodes under our belt.

Now onto the normal week and a quieter weekend…


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