T Minus Two For Takeoff

I have just two more days to get through before I can hang with Mom over Mother’s Day Weekend…very excited!!!  Last week went pretty quick and this week has as well.  We had a pretty busy end to the week and weekend and a nice and lazy Sunday, just the way I like it.  We’ve also finally had a dose of good weather with some sunshine and a couple 70 degree days.  It has been a long time coming!

We had FareStart community dinner on Wednesday, FareStart GCN on Thursday, the Mariner’s game against the Rangers on Friday night, a long run on Saturday, split ways Saturday night to attend two different events, went to church on Sunday morning before walking to get brunch, and then settled in for some R&R.

The Mariner’s game was our first of the season and we asked Bryan’s childhood friends, still new to the area, to the game with us.  It was one of their first times out of the house without their kids and they were excited and we had a really great time talking to them.  It was a chilly tonight towards the end and the game went into 13 innings tied 1-1 before the Mariner’s finally lost 3-1.  It was a frigid scooter ride home but we enjoyed the game, the company, the beers and our poke bowls.

Doning my beard hat.
A good night for the game if not a little cold.

Our run on Saturday was fantastic!  Cool temps but sunny skies, opening of boating season, and lots of people out to enjoy the weather.  We ran together, me doing 10 miles and Bryan finishing at 13 miles.  We both felt great and were really pumped to enjoy a good run.  I went from sweaty and in running shoes to dressed up and ready for the Construction For Change banquet that Marika and Randy bought a table for.  Meanwhile Bryan went to Jeff’s birthday party at a brewery in Kirkland where he enjoyed the Boeing group, beer and BBQ.  It was great to see Marika, whom I hadn’t seen since before Christmas, and it was an enjoyable dinner, wine and presentations for the benefit.  Even though Bryan wasn’t my date for the night he still dropped me off and picked me up which was really awesome of him.

So Sunday was more or less lazy for us.  Another fantastic service on relationships at church and then home to drop off the Jeep and walk to St. Clouds in Madrona for brunch.  After much debate I got the fish and chips and Bryan got the chile verde burrito.  The rest of the day was spent sunning (!), cleaning, weeding, making a Thai dinner, and watching TV.  Typical!

I have my 100% progress print for my station on Thursday before I head south to California for the weekend with Mom.  Before then I also have a long run I plan to get in, we are dining at FareStart with a recent retiree of Bryan’s group, and a Yelp event on Tuesday.  I also have a few appointments and packing so its a week to not waste time!

Old fashioned for me.
Some great food to start at the Yelp event!


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