F x F x F

This past week has felt busy and a lot of that business has been with FareStart, Family, and Friends.  Since Bryan got home we’ve had one social event after another.

Tuesday:  FareStart Volunteer Appreciation Party.  All our FareStart friends, wine, beer and lots of tasty treats.  Bryan and I also each won raffle prizes, including a Starbucks gift card and a Whole Foods gift card.  We took this picture of the Guest Chef Night crew at the end of the night.

GCN Crew at the party

Wednesday:  Bryan helped me make an awesome steak dinner at home before enjoying a lazy night in.

Thursday:  FareStart with Sky City at the Needle with a new POS system to learn that sure tested my patience.  Dinner was delicious halibut, vegetable gateau and a rhubarb tart.  We stayed until nearly 11 pm talking with friends.

Friday:  Bryan and I had a nice dinner out at the Bookstore Bar and Cafe.  We share some very interesting and delicious courses including an amazing chicken and paneer curry with naan, tingly duck with apple noodles, and asparagus with miso butter.  Plus a couple delicious cocktails and we were stuffed for our scooter ride home.

Saturday:  We slept in!  After a lazy morning we left to pick up Bryan’s parents from the airport during their stopover on the way to Hawaii.  After picking them up we got a great seafood lunch at Wally’s Chowder House south of Seattle in Des Moines.  Their crispy fish tacos were really great!  After lunch we walked on the Des Moines Creek Trail, which was super pleasant and refreshing despite the weather still being quite cool.  We walked out on the pier and the beach before dropping them back at the airport.  Bryan and I then went for our long run of the weekend.  I ran 8.5 miles while Bryan ran 10.5 miles.  We showered, refueled, and then headed over to Stephan and Ewelina’s to celebrate Mark’s birthday with cocktails and food.  It was good seeing all of our friends again and reminiscing over childhood.

A nice afternoon with the Millers.

Sunday:  We made it back to church for their new topic on relationships which was an interesting topic for us both.  After church we quickly shopped in Macy’s for a new black shirt and pants for Bryan before heading home to have lunch of potstickers and for Bryan to get his Class 12 permit for serving alcohol for FareStart.  I spent a little time in the garden and before I knew it, it was time for us to leave for the FareStart Flourish event which we were volunteering for.  We walked there to get our steps in and were quickly educated on the responsibilities of the night; setting out wine glasses, pouring wine, clearing the wine glasses, all for the five different tasting courses of the night.  Diners were paying $750 for the dinner, wine and meeting Jacques Pepin and all the other famous chefs so there was a fair amount of pressure on good service.  What we didn’t know was that they were basically going to abandon Bryan and I on the top floor for the night so we were on our own for 30 some odd people.  It was a busy and exhausting night and by the end of it we demolished a few of the Potbelly sandwiches in the volunteer room, without even caring if there was the possibility of trying the chef’s menu and Ubered home.  It was a cool event to see and cool to see such a famous chef and it was good knowing that we were so vital to the event running smooth at all but man was it exhausting.

The famous Jacques Pepin.

It was a busy weekend for sure and I wasn’t quite ready for the awfully cold and groggy Monday at work.  Thankfully Monday and Tuesday are uneventful days aside from the beginning of Bike to Work Month.  Warmer weather ahead!


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